I'm talking about professionalism for my Front Porch Saturday blog at Sandra Sookoo's Believing is Seeing.

And in a semi-related post, do you think it's professional to ask for Likes and Tags? (I've declared a #likeandtagparty on Twitter this weekend. Use the hashtag with a link to your book if you want to be included.)

I've seen posts lamblasting authors for asking for Likes and Tags for their books. The arguments seem to be some combination of the following: people who do leave the likes and tags are only friends and family who are obligated to say they like it  because of their relationship to the author AND/OR  people are doing leaving the likes and tags without having necessarily even bought the book AND/OR the book is poorly written/has a horrible plot/has unlikeable characters/etc and there's no way anyone could like it.

However, I think these arguments have very little merit. First, I'm pretty sure likes and tags have no impact on sales rank. Second, who are people's biggest supporters supposed to be? Family and friends. They're supposed to support their loved ones in their endeavors, but since the likes and tags aren't traceable (and if they are, it's not by the average joe), so who really knows where the likes and tags are coming from. Third, an author can ask for likes and tag, but ultimately it's up to an individual to decide whether to answer the call or not, and I'll admit, if I know for a fact the writing is bad in a book, I will not like it or tag it even if asked by the sweetest soul in the world. Fourth, opinions are just that, opinions. Just because I don't like something doesn't mean someone else won't indeed like it.

Finally, I've sold thousands of copies of one or more of my stories and said story or stories DO NOT have a plethora of like and tags. In fact, they have very few. Proving readers don't often go back and like and tag a book. Just like they don't often go back and leave reviews, but that's a whole other can of worms and a separate issue. (I firmly believe people should not leave good reviews just because of relationship with author AND people should not review books they haven't read.)

So, don't be hating on authors who are doing small things like this to get the word out about their books. No sales are guaranteed; we all have to make a living somehow; and in the end, at least we're not asking you to buy stuff from our kids' school fundraisers, which actually costs money.
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