So I was going to write about post-launch letdown this week (which has struck with a vengeance, despite the fact that the launch is going very well) but that’s going to have to wait. I’ve been very busy, you see, doing important things like putting tiny sock puppets on my toes to amuse His Royal Babyness. And trying to teach him the meaning of the phrases, “No, books stay on shelves” and “stay off the stairs” (totally failing on both those fronts, by the way). I’ve also been avoiding the computer in the afternoons and actually reading other people’s books for a change because I’ve been experiencing post-launch letdown. And now that this paragraph has arrived at a point of pleasing circularity, let’s move on.

In the absence of a scintillating post about feeling flat, there’s plenty of other new stuff that you can read from me this week. I’ve been very busy indeed on the virtual book tour. Here are links to places I’ve shown up in the last couple of days:


Alexis Grant (The Traveling Writer): Smart-self publishing with Lisa McKay

Alexis Grant is a journalist who blogs about following your dreams and passions to make a career as an entrepreneur, social media strategies, and much more. Her blog is practical and inspiring, and if you’re interested in these topics then check out Alexis’ practical e-guides and courses.

Visit my interview with Alexis if you’re curious how I answered questions such as: Why’d you choose self-publishing this time around when you’ve already published a book traditionally? And, What have you learned about self-publishing that surprised you?


Chip MacGregor (MacGregor Literary Agency): Lisa McKay talks about her memoir

If you read my blog regularly, then you’ve heard Chip’s name before. Chip is my agent and he’s been a wonderful cheerleader for this book. The agency has also helped me publish the kindle version. I’m very grateful for their continued interest and support in this book and my writing. And, writers, their website is a great resource for you.

Visit my conversation with Chip if you’re curious about my answers to questions such as: Your first book, my hands came away redwas a novel. Why did you choose to write a memoir this time around?


Mari (The Sunshine State Diaries): Love At The Speed Of Email

Mari is one of those friendships that start via blog. I’ve enjoyed tracking her story as she and her husband Chris have moved from Japan back to the States and had their first child right around the time we had Dominic. Her blog often makes me laugh.

Visit this interview if you’re curious about how I answered questions such as: How did your friends and family feel about appearing in your book?

And, Speaking of that tiny baby, will the story of his parents’ relationship be required reading for him at some point? How do you feel about his reading it someday?


Laura Parker (A Life Overseas): Author Lisa McKay Talks about International Living {and Her Newest Book}

Laura is another, even more recent, blog connection. She and her family live close by (relatively speaking) in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and I’ve really enjoyed browsing her beautiful blog that captures some of their experiences.

Visit this interview if you’re curious about my answers to questions such as: You write a lot about long distance relationships in this book. Do you have any words of advice for people in long distance relationships, particularly with family?


That’s all from me today, happy Friday. A post on post-launch letdown coming next week if I find the time and energy. In the meantime, I have a question for you … how do you react when you finish a major project? What do you do to celebrate?

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message 1: by Lisa (new)

Lisa McKay Hi Alison. No, writing a memoir isn't easy! What a beautiful tribute to your little sister to write a book though, I'll be taking a peek. All the best, Lisa

Alison wrote: "Lisa,
I hope we can chat as e-pen pals. I have gone through the same ropes as you - choice of self-publishing and expenditure. I have been through trauma myself and it seems that God works in myste..."

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