So last night Main Street Books and Spencer Road Branch Library in St. Peters, MO held the most epic of all book birthday parties for my newest book, SOULBOUND. WOW! Can you say awesomesauce? It was a blast! Our crowd was about 200 people, and my family came out to support me. It was so much fun…and there was cake, which everyone was pretty excited about. I was too – mostly because SUGAR IS AWESOME.

I read from SOULBOUND, talked, and answered a zillion questions about everything from my books to the importance of honesty. And I did it all while dressed in a kick-butt vest I got on Etsy.

Then this happened:

I’m pretty sure I signed a bajillion books. No babies this time, though (although, one Minion was campaigning hardcore for me to sign her grandma…but alas, grandma wasn’t feelin’ it).

If you missed the party, for whatever reason, you can still get autographed copies of all of my books (SOULBOUND too!) from Main Street Books. All books can be personalized and Vicki Erwin is happy to take orders over the phone and on the website.

Also, if you haven’t liked The Legacy of Tril on Facebook, you should totally do so – AND be sure to take this excellent quiz to determine whether you’re a Barron, a Healer, an Unskilled, or a Graplar! I am apparently Unskilled. I really, really wanted to be a Graplar. *sad panda* (Or should I say *sad Graplar*?)

As for me, my main goal today is to try not to melt. It’ll be 94 here in St. Louis. Yeesh. Beyond that, there are a million emails waiting for me, and so, so much love for SOULBOUND already that it’s bound to be a good day. Thank you, Minions. Thank you for everything!

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Published on June 20, 2012 11:10 • 97 views
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Abigail boo!! i couldnt take the quiz. curse facebook!! *sadpanda*

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