I recently interviewed Lisa Morton for the Deep Cuts anthology that I, Angel Leigh McCoy and Chris Marrs are editing. While Angel, Chris and I spun our dreams of an anthology out of airy wishes and alcohol fumes, we are realists about the publishing industry. So we decided to take a risk and give Kickstarter a try in order to fund the anthology. We believe in paying authors professional rates--no matter what it takes to do that.

Seems that we're not the only ones that feel alternative forms to and of publishing need to be explored. We asked Lisa Morton to write the Introduction to Deep Cuts, and she said yes. On our website www.deepcuts111.com we interviewed Lisa. Here's what she had to say about publishing:

DC: What do you see for the future of publishing?

LM: There’s one other piece of advice I’d like to offer, and I can truthfully say I’ve never seen this one anywhere else, probably because it really applies to older, more experienced writers: we need to be willing to adapt.

Traditional models of publishing are all imploding, and we’re moving into a strange new world of digital publishing, self-publishing, and crowdfunding. A few years ago, I would never have considered offering a novella for free, but earlier this year, I did just that with my book Wild Girls . I made it free on Kindle for three days and garnered more downloads for it in that time than all my other standalone fiction works combined.

Did that move have real payoff for me? Truthfully, I’m not sure. But, I’m still glad I tried it, and I will continue to try new means of getting my books into readers’ hands. Crowdfunding in particular interests me, and I love the idea of publishing by democracy. The people who are interested in a project are the ones who fund it. That’s amazing. I think any author working at or below what used to be known as the mid-list needs to start adapting and seriously thinking about these new means of financing and distribution, or just crawl off into the tar pits and vanish with the other dinosaurs.

Lisa couldn’t be a better fit for our vision for Deep Cuts. We had certain criteria that the anthology needed to meet. The overall concept was to honor women horror writers. We didn’t want it to be a book of reprints, and we didn’t want to exclude men writers, so we came up with the idea of having writers submit original stories with a recommendation for a great horror story by a woman writer. Lisa understands the need to bring conscious gender equity to publishing.

We’re also on Lisa’s side on alternative forms of publishing. Being long time members of the horror writing community, we understand that small press publishers provide an important avenue to publishing for many projects. They provide credibility, marketing and distribution for a work. Small presses, however, aren’t endless fonts of cash. Paying writers is important to us. We decided to use Kickstarter, the pioneer in crowdfunding, to raise the money necessary to do this.

To have Lisa Morton, her experience and vision, on board to write the introduction, takes our vision for Deep Cuts to the next level.

Read the rest of the interview at www.deepcuts111.com.

Read more about our Kickstarter, and if you’re feeling like a patron of great horror fiction, then please consider pledging!

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