Father's Day was beautiful.
Here are the photos to prove it:

{I gift sophisticated airplane cuff-links to my main man}

{The children woke up early to draw cute portraits for Mr. Nielson}

{The children gift their daddy with a sloop sailboat for his desk}

{Dessert in the backyard with some of my handsome
brother-fathers and their wives and offspring}

{brother Matt, Katy, Baloy, and brother Andrew}

{Chicky with Lottie, Lucy sitting on Andrew's lap, and Megan}
{Mexican Chocolate cake- Mr. Nielson's favorite}

{One of the best reasons I have an amazing husband}

{The father of my children sleeping after a long day}

And to my own father,
You know I love you. I am proud to be your namesake.
I am proud that my children resemble you with those
darling cheeks and round head.

Spiritual Enlightenment -to start off the week.
I have been thinking a lot about this topic.
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