We are 17 days away from one of the most important launches of my career as an author. THE FIRST CONFESSOR is an unprecedented title for a number of reasons. First, I am publishing it myself. There will be three versions; an ebook (available on all platforms, English, and simultaneously world-wide), a Limited Collector's Edition with a hardcover printing inside, and an audio book. Second, it is a foundational novel that explores the origins of key pieces of SWORD OF TRUTH lore. Many of my readers oldest questions will be answered here. And third, we decided to up the stakes considerably by creating the Collector's Edition and the audio book -- two projects that we have spent untold hours hiring, designing, proofing, assembling, and preparing for release.

Thank you for your interest in this novel. We're confident you are going to find a truly exceptional story inside and we're glad to have the opportunity to share a little bit about the road we've taken to get here.

More posts again soon.
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Published on June 15, 2012 18:33 • 14,258 views • Tags: magda-searus, sword-of-truth, terry-goodkind, the-first-confessor
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message 1: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie I'm enjoying your books, I'm on book 5: Soul of the Fire. Can't wait to get to the presequel books.

message 2: by JadedlilFecker (new)

JadedlilFecker Just in time, sir! I've re-read the entire series all over again, waiting for the next to release. :]

message 3: by Amber (new)

Amber WOOT! Cant wait for this Prequal release!

message 4: by JadedlilFecker (new)

JadedlilFecker Amber wrote: "WOOT! Cant wait for this Prequal release!"

We should read it together. ;] Your views on the SoT series, is like the exact opposite of mine, and that makes for a WONDERFULLY stimulating discussion! <3

message 5: by Angelique (new)

Angelique I'm cautiously excited. I thoroughly enjoyed most of this series, but can't help but feel that Omen Machine was a major let-down. I'm hoping for redemption of the SOT series with this...

message 6: by John (new)

John I agree with Angelique's thought on the Omen Machine, I have read every book in the SOT series and fell in love with the world you created but with the Omen Machine something was lacking big time, but to hear you have another potentially great book ready to come out I cannot wait. How will we be able to get a copy of the Limited Collectible Version, will it just be released via book stores or can we pick up a copy by some other means. Thanks Terry

Sandi *~The Pirate Wench~* Your series was the first "intro" into the fantasy world for me,and none can top your SOT series! I plan to do a re-read soon and look forward to your next book release.

message 8: by JadedlilFecker (last edited Jun 16, 2012 11:34AM) (new)

JadedlilFecker For me, I found The Omen Machine incredibly necessary for the overall story itself. It answers an abundance of questions and provides the characters with a moment's respite. I consider the continuation effective because it adheres to basic social structures, and without the elaboration or importance reflected on such, it would be rather cartoonish.

Personally, I feel The Omen Machine really lent the story credibility. We had been witness to the social engineering of a dystopic society, and after the ruination of its brute force --the aftermath effects were still very much alive in the minds and contributing factors that created it. They were still very much susceptible, and I took it all as Middle Earth and Frodo's imminent migration into the Undying Lands. You don't break down oppression overnight. There's no immediate cure for something that requires personal/individual contribution.

All in all, The Omen Machine answered as many questions as it created, but I was satisfied with it. A few inconsistencies don't overshadow its entirety. :)

Honestly, with this new self-publishing route Goodkind took, it really has me wondering whether or not the solitary move was contributed by the detrimental state that the publishing companies are in nowadays. E-publishing and authors splitting from the publishing companies, are extremely risky moves, which, I admire wholeheartedly! Independent authors give competitive commerce an overhaul. ;D

With that being said, I want a Hedgemaid costume. She was terrifying. :D

Sandi *~The Pirate Wench~* I loved the Law Of Nines,but havent read yet The Omen Machine so thanks for your positive thoughts Mermarie :)

message 10: by Amber (new)

Amber Mermarie - We should a chapter by chapter on the forum. That would be fun. Sometimes I think Terry is hit and miss. But the overall arch is amazing.

message 11: by Jerry (new)

Jerry Hart That would be a lot of chapters! Much like "The Omen Machine," I'm guessing each chapter is only two or three pages long.

message 12: by Amber (new)

Amber LOL - good point, maybe we should it every 5 chapters....

message 13: by Cody (new)

Cody I can't even wait. I always love your writing skills, Terry. Since I was 15 years old in High School. I've kept following you and wishing to have new book every now and then. July 2nd, I can't even wait. You're my hero. :)

message 14: by Salen (new)

Salen have read all of the sword of truth books, and the Law of Nines as well. even own both seasons of Legend of the Seeker. the stories are amazing and the deapth of the characters is profound. this prequel sounds like it is going to be one that i put on the top of my xmas list for sure. now i'm going to read the SOT for a fifth time........

message 15: by Cody (new)

Cody Salen wrote: "have read all of the sword of truth books, and the Law of Nines as well. even own both seasons of Legend of the Seeker. the stories are amazing and the deapth of the characters is profound. this pr..."

Wow... Have you read any other different book?

message 16: by Erin (new)

Erin Anyone know where the book is going to be released or how to order it? It doesn't look like Amazon or B&N will carry it....


message 17: by Jerry (new)

Jerry Hart @Erin, the books will go for pre-order on Wednesday, I believe.

message 18: by Erin (new)

Erin Thanks. I see he is only printing those 300. I (and I'm sure everyone else) was hoping for print copies!

message 19: by Jerry (new)

Jerry Hart I don't mind the ebook myself. I hated that large, ugly font for "The Omen Machine." :-)

message 20: by Amber (new)

Amber I hope they at least put out an audio version? I like tangible goods for my money! Plus I have the whole series on audio LOL.

message 21: by Erin (new)

Erin I'm pretty sure I saw that he IS putting it out in audio.

message 22: by David (last edited Jun 20, 2012 04:42PM) (new)

David I'm wanting a print edition as well. Digital is nice, but the pricing points aren't there yet for the industry. One saves all of the cost of printing, plating, and materials spent in producing a book, yet the cost of the book is roughly the same as the mass market paperback (if you're lucky).

When I purchase something, I want something I can hold in my hand, put on a shelf, and pull down for a moment or two whenever fancy strikes. Digital copies are convenient for "on-the-go" but hardly a replacement for physical copies of books.

That said - I am excited to have another book to read! I've been putting off on reading The Omen Machine because I didn't want the series to end - now I can read it safe in the knowledge that there's more to come!

message 23: by JadedlilFecker (new)

JadedlilFecker David wrote: "I'm wanting a print edition as well. Digital is nice, but the pricing points aren't there yet for the industry. One saves all of the cost of printing, plating, and materials spent in producing a bo..."

I started re-reading the entire series, 'cause I couldn't bear to close the book, on the series entirely. :D

As for the physical copies, I have the collection, and I hope & pray can get a copy, before the campers snatch them all. :(

message 24: by Amber (new)

Amber Completely agree with you, David.

Tangible goods for my money! (So glad this will be on audio for purchase, they're relatively well priced, hopefully Sam T. does the read again)

message 25: by Erin (new)

Erin Anybody know how fast the 300 copies sold out? Just out of curiousity.

message 26: by JadedlilFecker (last edited Jun 21, 2012 08:09AM) (new)

JadedlilFecker Erin wrote: "Anybody know how fast the 300 copies sold out? Just out of curiousity."

I don't know, but my heart's torn out that I didn't get a physical copy. I have all of them, some are even signed. I respect Goodkind's self publishing, and business strategy, it just makes for bad, personal drama in my literary life. I was willing to pay the exact price, but I didn't make it quickly enough. I even checked E-bay.

I guess I'll just focus on waiting until, perhaps, there's another release in the future. I'll get the e-copy, but I won't read it. I have to have that sort of literary magic in my hands, when I read it.

Oh well, in the name of Capitalism I'll be a good sport about it--enough of my e-drama. Congratulations to those that received their copy. :*)

P.S. If anyone knows of an underground market for this book, drop me a line. I'll refund your purchase price. ;P

message 27: by Amber (new)

Amber Sorry Mermarie :(

I'd still keep an eye out though, someone might read it and decide to sell. Or someone might decide to make a profit on such.

What sites did you check? I've had a lot of luck with stuff like that on alibris.com actually if you havent checked it out.

message 28: by Dee (last edited Jun 24, 2012 10:51PM) (new)

Dee Does anyone know where to preorder The First Confessor? I have spent two days going from book store to book store to preorder, the book isnt even on the store's computers. I have tried amazon and barns and noble on my computer, it isn't there! I have always preordered goodkind's books, it isn't even listed as "coming soon" on the websites. I am a cancer patient and would love to be able to preorder the hard back for two reasons, one it would give me something Good to look forward to and two iI could read it while having my chemo treatmens. please if anyone knows where to go to preorder please let me know thank you

message 29: by Amber (new)

Amber @Dee - he only released 300 copies in print, they have already sold out. See above posts.

You'll have to get it in Ebook format or Audio once its released.

:( I think this has dissapointed a lot of people, but I'm not going to lie - I'm still going to buy the audio. Maybe Terry will feel generous and do a 2nd edition release down the road sometime, I think thats about all the hope we can hold out for.

message 30: by Jerry (new)

Jerry Hart Are we going to have to wait till July 2nd just to see the dang book's cover? That seems silly.

message 31: by Erin (new)

Erin Given everything else... would that surprise you?

message 32: by Straffe (new)

Straffe Dear Mermarie,

I could not help you were distraught over not getting the limited edition release, I also could not help but notice that you are a huge fan. I am curious, simply for discussion sake, how does an author go through such great lengths to promote himself on so many sites, but not even occasionally respond to questions asked by intelligent readers?( which you qualify). I too am a fan of his self publishing, but with today's economy needing such a huge backing, I do have concerns, not over his story, as I LOVED Kahlan, but more of the economic effects this could have on his career. I can not help but to commend you, for without your input, I think this particular thread would have died out long ago into a sea of he saids, she saids.... you have given some thought and merit to the entire thread. that in itself, as an author should at least warrant a response. you have kept his name alive, through your own love of his stories.

I guess what I am getting at, is that , although I love his stories, and read everything he has written, I am not really satisfied with the lack of interaction that he has displayed with his loyal followers. Laurell K. Hamilton ( of whom I also love to read) actively responds to her readers. You notice I am not directing this at him, since I have concerns, again, that he even reads these.

I LOVE his writings, I LOVED book of nines, not a fair shake on that....

but I think he should put a little more effort into making his readers feel like they are valued. there is no doubt he weaves a fine tapestry, but it hurts me to see readers, like yourself that rant about him, and go to great lengths to make his releases successful, only to be snubbed....

just My two cents worth, I sincerely hope your not upset with Me.

message 33: by Dee (new)

Dee Amber wrote: "@Dee - he only released 300 copies in print, they have already sold out. See above posts.

You'll have to get it in Ebook format or Audio once its released.

:( I think this has dissapointed a lo..."

OMG! This is beyond sad! I had just found out about the new book. It was my understanding the the Limited books were only Collector's Editions" being sold for $300.00, I would never imagine Terry Goodkind doing something like this to his fans. It breaks my heart knowing that I won't have the honor of holding a book in my hads as I read it. He has also tied the hands of any Local Library from being able to offer it as a great read. Thank you so much for replying to me so quickly.

message 34: by Amber (new)

Amber Dee - that is so true, I never thought about libraries not offering it.

I planned to buy mine on audio, as thats what I own the whole series in, but that is an excellent point and a very sad one at that. :(

Also @ Straffe - I whole heartedly agree with you. Terry is a good author, but I feel he lacks personability. But we all have our faults, I still love his characters.

message 35: by Liz (new)

Liz Im so disappointed!! I get a migraine reading e-books and cant get into audio books, I can't believe I will never be able to complete my hard copy set of the series!
I dont think thats any way to treat loyal fans, (unless the aim is to alienate most of them!).
Here's hoping another batch is printed in the future (and better advertised) so the rest of us have a chance to get one!

message 36: by Amber (new)

Amber Maybe if it does well in the e-trade world we will get to see some more print copies.

You never though - Terry could be planning to release it in an anniversary set or something weird like that as well.

If Sam Tsoutsouvas does the read, it will probably be decent audio version. He's a done a good job on the reads he's done for Terry - unlike a few others who sound like robots.

message 37: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth I have to admit, I'm also disappointed about the lack of physical books being sold. However, I was so disenchanted by Law of Nines and The Omen Machine that I don't think I'll bother buying the ebook. (I don't like ebooks, for one.) Don't get me wrong, I want to read it, I just don't want to spend money on it -- not until after I've decided whether or not it's worth it. Maybe one of my friends will get it...

That said, since he's apparently self-publishing, I bet the small number of printed books is probably just about the cost, rather than a desire to alienate readers. But maybe not. I'm trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I wish I didn't have to.

message 38: by Amber (new)

Amber LOL! I wish I didnt have to as well.

I really doubt it was the cost of making the book as much as the profit margin. He is a multimillionaire, seems like he would think it was good idea to invest in the series - considering it's his livelihood. I'm really not sure what he was thinking with this concept, I lean more toward the idea he thought it would be more progressive to just release the ebook, not to mention - he would make a greater profit from it, I have never paid over $9 for any of his novels, even the audio versions and thats what he is making on the ebook which a lot of readers do use - so ya know, their isnt much cost in making it available that way. Basically - I think he screwed over his fans charging them $300 for a print copy that probably cost him less than $5 to have made. I'm just relieved their will be an audio version with a decent price tag. (hopefully)

message 39: by Dee (new)

Dee Dear Mr. Goodkind,
I have read and beyond enjoyed each and every book you have written. It was with great excitement that I found you had blessed us with The First Confessor and have been racing to from that day to preorder the book, it was then through your blogs that my heart sank in finding out that you had only released three hundred Collectors editions in hard back and that you have no intention of releasing any written hard back editions or even in paperback for that matter that you have chosen to only release The First Confessor in audio or e-book format.
Please Mr. Goodkind, I beg of you to reconsider! I am a recovering cancer patient, and I have always fought this fight with one or more of your books in hand!
One could argue that an Audio Book would do just fine, I tell you no Mr. Goodkind, they are far from the same, nothing replaces the feel of the written book, the turning of the pages, and how quickly time can pass as ones mind carries them off into the worlds you create for us. My heart breaks that I now face another challenge of fighting for recovery without your book, my heart breaks that they will not be available to local libraries, with the budget cuts they have had to make, the newer formats you have chosen to release your books in are not always affordable to them, and the fans you have that could not afford to buy the books will now not be able to loan them from the libraries.
Please reconsider Mr. Goodkind, Please!
with fondness, Dee

message 40: by Terry (last edited Jul 01, 2012 09:19AM) (new)

Terry Goodkind Amber, If you look at the contents of the Collector's Edition, you will see that it includes items worth far in excess of the $5 you quote.

Each necklace alone is worth 10x that amount in pure sterling silver alone. Please be careful posting things like this. You discredit the time, care, and consideration of both myself and a team of people that have worked very hard to provide this package. I can assure you, it is not a profit generator and it's not about the money. We will be lucky if we break even after shipping and packaging.


If it's a misunderstanding, then please be aware; the Collector's Edition is much more than a printed copy of the book. For all prior releases, we never had the ability to create something like this. Limited/Collector prints were always at the discretion of the publisher. This is something we created for us and for fans that wanted something extra.

message 41: by Terry (new)

Terry Goodkind Jerry wrote: "That would be a lot of chapters! Much like "The Omen Machine," I'm guessing each chapter is only two or three pages long."

THE FIRST CONFESSOR is 35% longer than THE OMEN MACHINE. 103 chapters. It's an epic.

message 42: by Terry (new)

Terry Goodkind Amber wrote: "WOOT! Cant wait for this Prequal release!"
Thank you.

message 43: by JadedlilFecker (last edited Jul 01, 2012 09:40AM) (new)

JadedlilFecker Terry wrote: "Jerry wrote: "That would be a lot of chapters! Much like "The Omen Machine," I'm guessing each chapter is only two or three pages long."

THE FIRST CONFESSOR is 35% longer than THE OMEN MACHINE. 10..."

Sir, finding this physical copy will be like finding the boxes of Orden. Such a rare treasure. :D

I would also like to mention, that I've created a group to bring some of these concerns to the light. It's a group dedicated to the appreciation of Goodkind's work & to address the lack of physical copies we may/may not have. Please join, if this book's hard-copy is on your literary priority list! :)


Also, please vote on the poll (It's in the group polls and also here, for reference) to encourage the future release of The First Confessor in hard/paper back, BEFORE it's even decided upon. :)

message 44: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Lol, the boxes of Orden! Yes. Yes, it would be.

I looked at that link Mr. Goodkind provided about the collector's edition, and this is what I have to say: Look at all the pretties! Too bad I can't get any. *wistful sigh*

Also, awesome that this newest book is longer than the Omen Machine; that one felt a little short. Relatively speaking, of course. :D

My brother-in-law claims that I'm one of the few people who still prefer physical books to ebooks, but I can see here that maybe that's not the case. Raise your hand if you enjoy the smell of new or old books and don't want to give it up! My hand is up. Way up there.

message 45: by Richard (new)

Richard I like paper whether it's a book or a newspape better for sure. But with his new book I may have to read it in ebook form somehow not sure how yet.
I found when talking to someone about the law of nines who never read SOT that they got all the different things enough. But I had to laugh and think back to the other stories and see the true picture. I really enjoy the law of 9's because of reading the whole series.

message 46: by Dee (new)

Dee Dearest Mr. Goodkind,
Please know that it was never my intent to offend you in any way, though I can understand how the placement of my words could lean toward that understanding.
In that I do most sincerely offer my apologies!
I find myself awkward using a computer, and if I could please beg for a small amount of leniency as I am leaning how to use a computer.
I am grateful to your pointing out that I may have caused a grave misunderstanding, and deeply appreciate your kindness in educating me. I have visited what I believe to be your Web Site (I believe it is called) and was understanding that the Collector's Edition offered is sold out.
I would be honored to purchase this edition. Mr. Goodkind if it would not cause to much of a problem, may I request once more you're kindness in educating this enduring reader as to how I may go on about purchasing the Limited Edition?
My deepest apologies and Sincerest Gratitude

message 47: by Terry (new)

Terry Goodkind Thank you for the very considerate words, Dee. No concern at all. We appreciate you posting.

message 48: by Erin (new)

Erin Anyone know when the Audio book will be available?

message 49: by Amber (new)

Amber Terry wrote: "Amber, If you look at the contents of the Collector's Edition, you will see that it includes items worth far in excess of the $5 you quote.

Each necklace alone is worth 10x that amount in pure ste..."

Thank you for this information Terry, and excuse me for misspeaking.

I would never wish to discredit the work that you and your colleagues do. This was information I hadnt previously accessed. Looking forward to your next installment and best regards.

message 50: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Hamilton Mr. Goodkind,
I just have to say that you are the single, greatest Author alive today! Your characters and unique style never fail to inspire me! Thank you for sharing your imagination with the world!

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