How cool is this? just picked the "50 Coolest Book Covers Ever," with titles like 1984, Catch-22 and Clockwork Orange. (And yes, In Cold Blood.) And . . . 
. . . my first book, Columbine
That is sweet company.
I am ever grateful to Henry Sene Yee for designing such a memorable cover, and Jon Karp for gathering an amazing team to work on my book.
When the book came out, before it won him a slew of design awards, Henry posted on his blog, explaining his whole artistic process of conceiving the ideas, trying out completely different versions (with pictures shown), and making it happen. It's a great read.
(And I'll use this opportunity, once again, to thank all the gracious readers who keep recommending the book, spreading the word, especially all the high school students and teachers who have embraced it. 
And thanks to Barnes & Noble and a lot of independents for putting it back out on display tables. That's really helping people discover it.)
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message 1: by Vicki (new)

Vicki G They need to make it go viral over the global wide INTERNET, for all the FOOLS who keep insisting that those two did what they did b/c "society and bullies forced them to commit mass murder and suicide."
That's just one example of what they say, an example I found impossible to blow off and reported to people who would check out the user who said it.
I thought, 'How do you know he isn't planning to do a similar deed?' Talking like that, there's no way to know and people ignored what those TWO did, blowing it off as the rantings of teenagers a year before they actually carried out the crime.
I just felt too uncomfortable to let it slide by. Someone who blames another person for anything they might do is IMO a potentially dangerous person.
Making people aware of what really happened is one of the reasons I keep recommending the book.
But I'm not finished reading it. Still, I'm on page 210. I've been recommending it anyway.

message 2: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Hessong Congratulations, Dave! That is so awesome.

message 3: by Teresa (new)

Teresa Congratulations! It was one of my first Nook purchases and I immediately wanted it in actual real form when I was done. It's on my Christmas list for my husband to buy. Please order me an autographed copy. He has his orders. Nice job.

message 4: by Monique (new)

Monique Colver Congratulations Dave! That's awesome!

message 5: by Marianna (new)

Marianna King Hi Dave, To what extent do you think first-person shooter games played a role in the Columbine shootings. My book, "School Violence - Crisis and Opportunity" (see includes a chapter about brain response to violent video games. The neuroscientific research shows a clear connection between what they call "systematic desensitization machines" and loss of empathy. Regards, Marianna King

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