Hello again,

I am FINALLY almost over the bronchitis.  Down to the last little bit of the antibiotics as well.  I still have a bit of a cough, but not anything too serious.

Cathy, however, has come down with a different form of crud today.  So she is home ill.  I hope it's just a 24 hour bug of some sort and that she's fine tomorrow.

This weekend I actually hope to start catching up on the backlog of crap that has come from life interfering with my . . . well, life.  The crises ate all of my time, energy and attention, so that now I'm looking at this MONSTER composed of the STUFF I normally take care of on a daily or weekly basis.  So I will be off to slay the dragon over the weekend.  Until then, I have the day job to deal with.  And I am off to that in just a second.

Many thanks to all who offered their condolences.  I appreciate it.  Hope you are enjoying the books.  I spent the week that I was sick re-reading the Jim Butcher and Charlaine Harris novels.  Jim's Dresden series from Proven Guilty through Ghost Story (including short stories), and the last three of the Sookies as well.  I didn't try to read anything new because, honestly, I kept falling asleep from being sick and I wouldn't have wanted to miss something in a new book.  Besides, those two authors are "comfort reads" for me.  When I feel like crap they both manage to completely take my attention away from real life and get me lost in the story.  That's what I want a good book to do. I hope to one day feel that I do that as well as those two.

Now I am off to work.  Be happy.[image error]
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