...And here I am, listening to the rough mixes of the opening chapters of my next audiobook project, my novel The Privilege of the Sword (aka TPOTS - yes, pronounced "Teapots." Natch), due out from ACX/Neil Gaiman Presents on July 10th - if all goes well (i.e., if I can turn around chapters for production on schedule to my hardworking colleagues at SueMedia!).

So I am going to take my laptop into the kitchen and listen to Chapter 3 (36:55 min:sec) while cutting strawberries for tonight's dinner guests (we have invented the most perfect lo-cal hi-yum dessert:  slice & sugar strawbs hours ahead so they give up their juice; serve in attractive bowl over Trader Joe's meringues!)

. . . .See?  I do listen to you!  I've been learning a lot from your answers to my Audiobook questions; many thanks to all who take the time to respond - I am reading everything, even when my replies are scanty.

Questions will continue all month (because June is, as you know, Audiobook Month!) - but for now, a treat:  I just found out that actor Dion Graham, who played Richard St Vier in the "illuminated" sections of the Swordspoint audiobook, is this year's Booklist Voice of Choice!  And I'm humbled to see that 2 previous Voices of Choice recipients have also been involved in projects of mine with SueMedia:  the great Katherine Kellgren was Diane de Tremontaine in Swordspoint, and will be --- oh, but why spoil the surprise? -- in TPOTS; and audio cult goddess Barbara Rosenblat was Mrs Chaye in The Witches of Lublin, and is the Third Person Narrator (because **I** have to be Katherine!) in TPOTS!  Here's a link to all that info, an article about Dion himself, and the suggestion that he headline the "Hot Men & Women of Audio" calendar (by the divine Mary Burkey, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at the Audies last week - Hi, Mary!), with which I feel sure most Swordspoint audio listeners would agree.
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