Gordon, getting Hostess’ chocolate cupcakes out of the pantry: You’re my Twinkie.

Me: I’m soft and bad for you?

Gordon: No, you age well.

Me: facepalm.

Gordon: You’re sweet and full of preservatives.

Keep digging, darling.  Keep digging.


Kid 2, explaining why she filmed the fight between two boys: …And in case you’re wondering, his mom was there, too, and she wasn’t mad, she said, “I don’t blame the girls for watching!  I watched too until they got on the ground and started kicking each other.”


Werewolf by GP03D; click image to go to Deviant Art Gallery

Email:  ”I’m getting in touch with you because I came across your blog during my research on my project relating to ecology and how research in ecology from higher education institutions is tackling problems such as population issues, climate change, and food crisis. Specifically, I’ve written on the variety of issues relating to research in PhD programs today.

My resource has been referred to by prominent organizations such as Columbia University and other prominent websites. I’d be very interested in writing a guest article on your blog relating to one of the many areas of pertinent research in ecology today such as conservation biology, wetland management, or urban ecology. What do you think?”

Me: O_O

Gordon: I don’t think she thinks we are who we are.

Me: Dear Name Redacted,

I’m not sure if you have read the contents of our blog.  We’re fiction authors.  We write urban fantasy set in post-apocalyptic setting.  But if you would like to write an article about the effect vampirism and sporadic outbreaks of shapeshifting virus might have on population and urban ecology, we will totally publish it.

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message 1: by Maria (new)

Maria That e-mail about ecology and population issues is priceless. I laughed so hard that two of my co-workers came in to check on me. People are amazing every single day.

message 2: by Flail (new)

Flail Around ROFLMAO-- that's awesome. The twinkie comment and the Ecology article. Freaking priceless.

message 3: by Sophie (new)

Sophie Wholly Cows!!! That WAS priceless!! Bwhahahaaa!! I hope it gets written! :)) At least you weren't deep fried. Not sure what he could come up with that one.. ;)

message 4: by Nikki (new)

Nikki Mazurek The ecology article, WOW! I didn't know people spoke like that in real life. I thought it was just in the movies. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!

message 5: by Adaora (new)

Adaora funny, funny, funny.

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