Hello from Cologne everyone! It's a public holiday in Germany today, so I have a rest day. I'm planning to finish going over the final page proofs of Archangel's Storm...though I might pop out to buy some delicious eats. :-)
I've had a number of interviews go live over the past week - here are some links for your reading pleasure!
The Book Pushers All About Romance Romance Books ForumGalaxy Books
Some of my recent interviews have/had backlist (ie. not including Tangle of Need) book giveaways attached, but they may be/have been limited to the US/Canada. But I haven't forgotten about the rest of you! Once I get back home, we'll be doing some worldwide backlist book giveaways. :-)
Also, a heads-up about comments. If the comments on a post go over 200, they don't display when you open the post to read it. But, if you click on the link at the bottom right of the post, showing the number of comments, a pop up will come up that'll allow you to click through to the next set of comments. Hopefully that makes sense!

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message 1: by Bek (new)

Bek It's a public holiday in Rockhampton, Australia too! :)

message 2: by Arielka (new)

Arielka It's a public holiday in Dominican Republic, too!!! ;)

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