Today is the official release date for Miracle! I can't believe it's finally here--but I saw in my local bookstore over the weekend, so it's really out there in the world. My eleventh (!!!) novel. A novel about a girl with PTSD written by someone who has PTSD but didn't know it at the time! Because of that, and a few other thing, Miracle is really the book that's closest to my heart.

Also! Thank you to everyone who talked about Miracle, or Miracle and my pre-order contest and a HUGE thank you to everyone who did pre-order the book--you all are amazing, and although I didn't hit my goal of 1000 pre-orders, it did make me realize there are a lot of utterly amazing readers out there--lots and lots of hugs to all!

Finally, this Saturday, June 9th, I'll be doing a signing for Miracle at fhe Fountain Bookstore in Richmond, Virginia. The signing starts at 2 PM and there will be free pizza for everyone because I thought it would be fun to have a pizza party so we can all eat and talk and have fun! I hope to see YOU there...

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Published on June 05, 2012 08:18 • 224 views

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