June is coming. I love this time of the year. First off, it’s my birthday month. I am turning 42 on the tenth. I don’t mind sharing my age (my friends believe I’m INSANE for that since they would rather visit a dentist than admit to being over 40 - lol!!!) Hey, I’m just grateful for every birthday and I feel younger so it’s just a number. Turning 40 was...AWESOME! I know some women get depressed. Not me. I was like...hey, I’m 40! I can have some fun. I dubbed it FUN 40’s! (I have another one too but it involves a 4 letter word with F‘able in there but um...I won’t state that one on here since I don’t have the 18 and older warning...you can guess. Starts with F, ends with K. In my teens, I just wanted to grow older to be an adult. I spent my 20’s trying to get my life situated and you know, have people realize I was semi mature. My 30’s were rough with a lot of bad life luck. You know, the car broke down when we’d been saving for that new TV. Lost my apartment managing job so we had to move to the worst house in Texas (it was falling apart - walls detaching, falling foundation, and an infestation of BUGS!) Then the return move to California...and struggling to get a home. 40 = FUN! I’m beyond the stage where I really worry about stuff I used to. I rarely wear makeup, dress for comfort, and have a ‘this is who I am...deal with it’ attitude as far as looks go. I became published and I’m doing what I love = writing! I just am enjoying life. I see the little things stress used to make me blind to. I appreciate things more. I’m just happy. So come on 42!!! Bring it!

True Blood (HBO show) returns...on my birthday. I’m addicted to that show. LOL! Who is my favorite hunk on there? Alcide. Men who growl...yeah. I don’t think it’s a surprise to anyone that he’d be my favorite pick. Plus...new house that my family will be moving into with me mid June. I’m really excited about that. I miss them. It is rough living alone after having our family crammed into a small home for so many years. I couldn’t take a bath without someone coming in to use the only bathroom we had. I wrote in the living room, sandwiched between it, the kitchen, and the dining room area at my back. Privacy? What was that??? Now I have my own office. There are THREE bathrooms, one of them located right next to my office. I will just be SUPER happy when I have my kids and Mr. Laurann with me again. Two and a half months of living alone has been rough but June is going to end that!

Everything with the house is DONE! June marks that as well. I moved into an empty house with an air mattress, a TV, my suitcases, computer, and folding table. The new carpet and flooring was installed. The painters completely did the interior. All the repairs were done. We upgraded a few things. I had the side yard enlarged with artificial grass to replace the rock. I had security screens added to the front double doors. Just...a lot of stuff so it was more our style. I bought and furnished every room except the gym. It’s the only empty room in the house. I got my dream office, complete with magnetic walls. I hung some posters this week and have been unpacking books I’d bought. All the stress is...over. Now I can just relax and enjoy my home. And write more!!!

Here’s the Q & A part of my blog

Q - When is (insert book title here) going to come out in print?
A - I don’t know. My books come out in ebook and then they are put into print. It can take a bit of time. I know there are plans to put all of them in print.

Q - Audio books?
A - I don’t know. You could write and ask Ellorascave if they have plans for that.

Q - When is the next book coming out? (I get this question the MOST! LOL)
A - I am still writing them. I’m behind because of the move. I thought I’d have the house together faster but scheduling with the people coming in to do things or having to order things sometimes took longer than it should have. As soon as the books are finished and I’m happy with them...they are going in. They will hit edits, then be assigned a release date approximately 6 weeks later after edits are done. I am certain that I won’t have a release coming out in June. It would be GREAT if I could manage a release every single month and one day I aspire to get there but I was able to put out...I think 11 books last year. (I could be wrong but it was a lot...LOL) I’ve put out Wrath in March, Tiger in April, and the Something Wicked This Way Comes Volume II in May of this year. I knew the big move would put me behind though. I WILL catch up, get books in, and hope to see at least four more books published, plus at least one or two more of the anthologies by the end of this year.

Q -  What Conventions are you going to this year?
A - Just Romanticon. It’s held by Ellorascave in October in Canton, Ohio. Oct 11th-14th. Their website is this LINK. There’s a list of attending authors HERE - scroll down. Next year I hope to attend a few more. I knew I was moving this year and planned ahead to accommodate that. As much as I’d love to travel to more of them in 2012...I want to finish the books I’m writing first. I’m VERY excited about going with Mr. Laurann and getting to meet so many people and get to see friends I’ve made.

Q - How often do you update your blog? Website?
A - I try to write a blog at least every two weeks. I need to update my website. I’ve been writing, writing, writing and other things have suffered a little from lack of attention. Then again, not much has changed to update it with since I had to take time off to move into my house. Mr. Laurann is going to be taking over updating the website once he moves into our new house full time. I apologize. Please be patient a little longer.

Have a great week!

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