• Sweet Memorial Day weekend…evokes such broad emotions.
• It took some musing for me to define what this holiday meant to me and how I wanted to intentionally celebrate it.
• My answer is a bit complicated…but then so is life…and so are we humans =)
• We take in a small town parade and remembrance ceremony (with a hauntingly beautiful version of shadow “Taps”) with profound gratitude and prayers of protection for all of those who have served and continue to protect us.
• We celebrate personal remembrance with the telling of stories as our family visits the gravesites of my parents, niece, aunts, uncles, and husband’s grandparents.
• And we celebrate living in America…playing with family and friends and delighting in the pending summer.
• This weekend reminds me of our immense capacity as humans to hold whatever is here in our life…the delights and challenges…the love and loss.
• We are built with the capacity to expand beyond anything and everything that is present in this moment. #resilience
• It struck me this year that I’ve lived more years without Mom than with her, and yet she remains alive to us through our recollections and stories. Note to self: Tell more stories to your kids…
• Inspirational story of building legacy not through your big dreams, but through your small daily actions.
• Having great fun watching our son’s horizons expanding in Switzerland (here with friends James and Thomas).
• Saw a note my husband wrote to son in prep for his summer adventure. “Be safe, be smart, be grateful, and be yourself.” Sound advice for all of us adventurers…
• Speaking of my guy…peek at his latest handiwork outside our office window =) Love roses!
• Interesting exploration of the politics and philosophy of community resiliency.
• Pondering whether it is possible to develop community resiliency…”a reliance not on changing who is in office or expending energy on failed politics, but rather on dealing with issues at a more tractable level, a level at which community members can participate directly and are appreciated, while at the same time creating small institutions that directly address complicated problems.”
• Some may call it a pipe dream. I call it possible…and essential for our sustainability and well being.
• It’s some of the most challenging and rewarding work I’ve ever done…there’s that “expand to hold space for all of it” thing again…
• Have you been trying to force a choice or “one way of being” in your life?
• This week, stay open to the possibility that your answer may just lie not in either/or but both/and…holding space for all of what is.
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