I'll be honest.

I've really enjoyed reading reviews on my debut Love On The Range. Many authors don't read reviews and I'm sure someday I won't either. But because this book was written so long ago, and been through so many revisions, I feel very objective toward it now.

Reviews from friends and fellow bloggers are amazing to read. Thank you to everyone who posted one for me!! It was much appreciated. Reviews from people I don't know are exciting. Someone I don't know read my book and cared enough to write about it and/or rate it.


So I read these reviews and I learn. What worked for people, what didn't. Some reviews touched on things I knew I wouldn't be able to change in the future with my books, though I might refine my way of writing it. Other reviews hit on things that I know I'll be keeping in mind for future books: Things like pacing and head hopping (yes, I'm a natural head hopper and am working at curbing that tendency *cringe*).

Reviews are like critiques...except I can never revise this manuscript. Good thing I have lots of other stories brewing!

If you're published, have there been any reviews that struck a chord with you? If unpublished, what has been your latest helpful critique? And if you're a reader only, did you think about the author reading your review? Have you ever left one on a public site?
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Published on May 30, 2012 04:07 • 50 views

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