Peas on EarthDear friends, I spent a good year writing a serious novel for adults, and I just felt like seeing the year out by writing a silly story to make my kids laugh. So here’s a short Christmas bed-time story for kids (age 3-to-8-ish). It’s called PEAS ON EARTH. Oh yeah.

I drew the pictures myself. That’s why the protagonists are peas. Peas are quite easy to draw.

You can download it here as a free e-book for your Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Sony e-reader, or just to view on screen or print out. Do email it to friends with kids, re-post it, or whatever you need to do. Have fun, and a very happy Christmas!

Click here to download in PDF format (to view on screen or iPad or to print out)

Click here to download in EPUB format (for Sony e-Reader, iPad, iPhone)

Click here to download in MOBI format (for Kindle)


Thanks to Bookswarm for helping me out with file formats & hosting. Thanks to @blackpooltower for testing the story on his kids. Thanks to @suziedoore and @BiscuitsBooks for encouragement and support as ever.

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Published on December 16, 2010 09:59 • 75 views

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