I don’t usually do rants, but I had to say something about this.

An author contacted me a couple of says ago and showed me exactly how authors should not treat book bloggers. She wanted her book listed on the Awesome Indies site and had had some trouble with the form. For some reason her information never came through to me, so I never got back to her, and she made it clear that she felt highly pissed off about that. Fair enough, but I tested the form and it’s working just fine. Karma is a strange thing.

I apologized and asked if she had made sure that she had filled in all the required fields and clicked the submit button. The email I got back—to cut a long story short—bordered on abusive. Apparently, it was all my fault, and she seemed to think she was doing me a favour by asking to have her book put on the site. For some strange reason she expected me to chase around and find the info for her when she told me that she didn’t have time to chase around to find the info herself. She told me that she had more than 90 excellent reviews, so why, I wondered, can’t she find one that is written by someone with the right kind of qualification? The fact that she seemed to think that those general readers’ reviews should qualify her for the site showed that she hadn’t read the submissions page carefully or understood what the listing is all about. Tut tut,

According to her, I had set the system up to make it really hard for her. Actually, she couldn’t have been more wrong.  I’ve put a lot of time and effort into making it as easy as possible for authors to submit their books while maintaining the strict requirements for verifiable quality.

So, authors, no matter how frustrated you get, please don’t behave like this. I told her that I didn’t appreciate her attitude and that I ran the Awesome Indies site for no financial return. Other bloggers are likely not to be so polite in their response. Generally, you won’t ever hear from them again. Never forget that it’s the book bloggers that are doing you a favour, always, no matter how many books you’ve sold or how big your ego is.

So how is it that she’s doing me a favour? I really can’t understand the thinking.

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