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"That'll rot your teeth," Evie said, crunching on a potato chip, the lustrous ebony of her hair curling over the shoulders of her white cashmere cardigan.

"Pot. Kettle. Black."

"God I love salt." Another crunch. "Since I have no shame, I'm going to ask you what it's like being mated."
Question: What do you all think of shifting to threaded comments on the blog? Yes, no, ambivalent?
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Published on May 27, 2012 17:31 • 327 views
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message 1: by Carolina (new)

Carolina mmmm maybe no..

message 2: by Monique (new)

Monique Threaded comments = good! :)

message 3: by GWOMAN23 (new)

GWOMAN23 if someone could tell this computer nitwit what that is, I could give an opinion LOL

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