A Fairy Tale to Soothe My Feminist Side! by Kenya Wright
This weekend Snow White and the Huntman comes out! A movie that I have been impatiently waiting for!

This isn’t your mother’s Snow White, lying on her back in an enchanted comatose sleep and waiting for a brave prince to wake her up with a kiss.


I know what you’re thinking. Calm down, Kenya. But I can’t! Finally, I am going to get the Snow White that I want!
A kick-ass, sword wielding heroine that is going to seize her throne from the queen! First I should explain my hysteria.Like most girls, I grew up on Disney, devouring every princess movie known to man.
However, Snow White is one of those movies I’ve always hated for SIX reasons. ONE: The whole idea of only ONE female could be the fairest of them all, always left a bad taste in my mouth. TWO: Snow does everything but defend herself! I mean for god sake she has the power to communicate with animals! Surely that power could have assisted in some way. Nope! This ditzy broad just twirls and sings to her forest friends.

THREE: When she is finally able to escape due to a man, she meets the dwarfs. And what a bunch of great guys they are. She’s allowed to stay with them as long as she cooks their food and cleans up after them.
FOUR: She eats the freaking apple! WTF! At ten years old, I knew that was a bad idea.
FIVE: Let’s not forget that the necrophilia prince pretty much assaults her with a kiss while she’s sleeping.
SIX: Additionally, I always felt bad for the Queen too. The queen was just a product of an extreme patriarch society!Okay... Okay..... Okay.....
perhaps I’ve taken my hatred to far!
Nonetheless, I am so hyped to see Snow White and the Huntsman!!
Thor is in it!
The Queen is wicked and psycho! Yes!
So to celebrate my hysteria, Alicia Brewster and I are giving away two movie tickets for Snow White and the Huntsman to one lucky winner. All you have to do is enter the rafflecopter below!
The winner will be announced on June 1, 2012 Friday morning! We will contact that person and send them the Fandango gift card for the movie! Woop Woop!!

Check out this awesome music video for the movie!!

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