Body by Vi Complaints - Body by Vi Shake Ingredients

As someone who has earned a Master degree in Global Food Law (Michigan State College of Law) and the author of "The Future of Food" (volumes 1 & 2) here is my take on Body by Vi products and ingredients.

Body by vi complaints continue to compound and abound over their flawed body by vi shake ingredients and consumer disappointments after reason of use.

As a former personal fitness trainer, nutritional consultant, food safety adviser, and consumer advocate I've compiled my top 10 concerns below regarding body by vi shake ingredients and my chief body by vi complaints which I urgently warn you to heed for the sake of your health and well-being.

Body by Vi shake ingredients can be found on their representatives' product websites, packaging and elsewhere.

My body by vi complaints about the body by vi shake ingredients identify the following critical points - after which I add my warnings and commentary (citing medical doctors and reputable sources).

1. contains milk - gastroenterologist Hiromi Shinya, MD has been inside 300,000 stomachs (including presidents and celebrities) says: "Dairy is the worst food you can put in your body."

2. contains soy - Dr. Don Colbert and Dr. Ted Broer speaking to Benny Hinn agreed saying, "Soy causes estrogen in men."

Men should drink almond milk.

But hey guys, if your goal is to be a "big beaver" you've come to the right place as the soy protein isolate in the vi shake will enhance your estrogen levels.

Remember the location of body by vi's beloved shake is made at Big Beaver Rd., Troy, MI. :o)

Ladies however will benefit from soy, provided it is good quality. Fermented soy as eaten in Asia (particularly in Okinawa where some of the longest living people reside) has been credited for the low rates of breast cancer in the region.

'Soy contains plant estrogens called phytoestrogens that bind to our estrogen receptors to stop our own much stronger estrogen' circulating in our bodies from taking harmful effect (Beare).

The calcium and magnesium in soy are also good for bone density. Nevertheless body by vi shake ingredients don't mention how many grams of soy they use, so this might be negligible.

3. allergen warning/shellfish - producing a shake in a factory where shellfish is also produced is NOT kosher, nor healthy

Shellfish are bottom dwellers containing Domoic acid (DA), the neurotoxin that causes amnesic shellfish poisoning (ASP), which alters the brain function of we who eat them.

4. other ingredients/sodium caseinate - another hidden term for MSG as noted by neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, MD and author of Excitotoxins - The Taste That Kills

(warning Americans about the dangers of MSG forms used to enhance the taste of food, which cause brain damage and neurodegenerative diseases)

5. allergen warning/tree nuts and peanut flavor - a manufacturing plant where nuts are used has more mold, mycotoxins and aflatoxins present, which Cornell University has proven to be the most deadly of carcinogens in food

6. other ingredients/digestive resistant maltodextrin (RMD) - RMD is not hydrolyzed by digestive enzymes and alters gastrointestinal tolerance factors.

oolong tea has been found to be equally if not more successful than DRM in excreting fat lipids from the body without

Here is a thought. To avoid having to excrete lipid fat out of your ass, stop putting it in your mouth (i.e., animal protein, especially pork, cattle and chicken).

When you smile, if your teeth don't look like that of a carnivore, God probably didn't intend for you to eat that much meat anyhow. Therefore the more animal protein (be it meat or liquid meat) you can cut out of your diet, the faster you will lose fat and inches from your waist line.

I lost two inches from my waist in no time when I removed meat and dairy from my diet ...and the foul smell, sticky stool and pain in my prostate left along therewith also.

Yet I realize change for some comes slowly (or when danger shows up) so if you must indulge in meat, do yourself a favor and prefer grass fed cattle and free range animals.

Nevertheless if you can constrain yourself for optimal life, eat living food, not dead food.

7. other ingredients/diglicerides and triglycerides = fat

8. False/bogus claim - Aminogen (more cute body by vi shake ingredients) will not help you maximize protein since 50 grams of protein in a meal of dead food, shake/"cake" mix with whey (homogenized and pasteurized dairy, including whole milk) will never be absorbed by the body due to a lack of living enzymes that can only be found with living food, mainly raw fruits and vegetables. Therefore all of the chemically synthesized protein will just be excreted through the urine along with the calcium which your body shall use to remove the excess protein (including some calcium from your bones if necessary to remove the metabolic acidosis brought about by the acidic "cake" tasting shake).

9. False claim - The Vi-cake/shake mix has NO fruit or vegetable fiber because it has no fruit or vegetables. By the way, fruit and vegetables don't give you gas unless you cook them making the carcinogenic dead food and add some unnatural oil to them.

Furthermore among my body by vi complaints; Body by Vi shake ingredients gave one of my best friends kidney stones.

So no, there is no fiber and proprietary blend here in the body by vi shake ingredients that has any health benefits in my assessment, neither are there any natural digestive enzymes to help you push this body by vi cake mix and chemical composition through your vital organs.

I don't know about you, but my kidneys and liver are worth far more than a new BMW compliments of body by vi.

10. There is nothing "pure" about the body by vi shake ingredients when dairy from farm raised cattle living in their own feces in cramped quarters, injected with hormones and antibiotics, eating corn prone to mold and bacteria (not grass as God intended) play into the mix, along with all the "other ingredients", the allergen warning and the promised "smell and taste of cake mix." LOL

Body by Vi has not differentiated its dairy / milk source from any other in the modern food industry, so we cannot assume body by vi shake ingredients are "pure" just because they say so.

FYI chemically produced powder is not "food", nor "healthy". Fast is rarely nutritious. Vi-Shape(TM) shows how little it knows about health by encouraging the use of canned fruit (which usually is full of corn syrup and some hazardous metal from the container).

If you want digestive aids, enzymes, probiotics, and maximum nutritional absorption without the pain and turmoil of kidney stones - throw your Vi-Sh(t) down the toilet and eat fresh papayas and pineapples everyday.

Give earnest thought to these body by vi complaints and concern to these noted body by vi shake ingredients.

Stop skipping meals and start eating raw and living food for maximum energy and optimal health. - Health Coach, Wellness Trainer, Nutritional Consultant, Disease Prevention Speaker and Worldwide Motivational Speaker who has touched 70 Countries serving the U.S. Military, Companies, Cruise Lines at Sea, the Travel Industry and Universities.


Body by Vi Complaints - Body by Vi Shake Ingredients
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message 1: by Stacey (last edited Oct 26, 2012 04:28PM) (new)

Stacey Carrasquillo Body by Vi is like any other protein shake and what's worse is that they use UPS who are terrible with shipping! Only they are way too expensive and gimmick is to get on auto ship and become a sales person. This whole get rich scheme off of constantly finding sales people is getting old. I cannot drink it because it caused Proteinuria which can lead to problems with the Kidneys. My husband drank it and lost 8 lbs but only because of the calorie reduction, not due to the shake ingredients. You can get caloric reduction simply by eating less and eating more healthy foods. There is never a quick fix to obesity or a healthy body.

message 2: by Kathy (new)

Kathy Sheppard Hi. I tried Body by Vi once and for the first time in my life had a horrible kidney stone. It was aggressively pushed on me to try. I did and never expected to get sick. Luckily I work at a hospital and doctors and my coworkds flocked to me getting me to the ER in minutes. I was so sick for weeks after. I lost time at work. I was relieved to read your article...saying that your best friend developed a kidney stone...I'm not the only one.

message 3: by Paul (last edited Dec 03, 2012 09:34AM) (new)

Paul Thank you Kathy for sharing your story to warn others. The best way to lose fat and be healthy is to eat living food, fruit and vegetables. If you must eat something with a head on it, eat fish (not farm raised, the smaller fish like anchovies and sardines having less mercury). If you must drink milk, prefer almond milk over all others. Soy is often genetically modified by Monsanto.

Blessings to you!


message 4: by Paul (new)

Paul For a liver cleanse which will also flush out kidney stones from your body:

http://international-living-your-drea... (gross images of liver and gallbladder stones, and probably at least 100 kidney stones toward the bottom....the more tan and white colored stones, smaller, kind of like jagged broken small shells on the beach)

I use half an organic lemon, two organic apples, berries, ginger and water daily in my morning smoothie. Apples help lymph move and cleanse the body as do lemons of kidney stones and cancer.

message 5: by Ross (new)

Ross Hageman This post on this blog couldn't be more factually incorrect.
It IS Kosher, many many Kosher products bear the same Shell fish warning simply because Large facilities that product multiple products are forced to include that warning even if both products are never even in the same facility. The Isoflavones from the soy are removed so EVERY word you have mentioned about Estrogen overproduction is factually inaccurate.
Also Aminogen is CLINICALLY proven to increase Protein absorption. Not to mention the Amino Acid blood stream studies that were done to clinically prove that the amino acid levels remain in the blood stream for maximum absorption.

message 6: by Paul (new)

Paul "Clinically proven" means NOTHING when the clinic is paid by the company to render favorable results to promote their product(s). Enjoy your chemically created "food" Ross.

message 7: by Ross (new)

Ross Hageman Third party confirmed. Not paid.
Also inspected by the FDA so what is on the label is actually in the product.

I simply have the shake as a post workout recovery. I don't know why you are calling it Food? It's simply a nutrition shake.

message 8: by Paul (last edited Mar 01, 2013 06:28PM) (new)

Paul "Nutrition" - oh, if the FDA says it's o.k. then please enjoy. Vioxx was deemed FDA approved and alright too until 100,000 people died (then after maximum profitability was achieved, when the lawsuits hit the fan they pulled the drug).

Are you a sales rep for the product (my suspicion since rarely would anyone pitch so hard for such a lame product on a Friday night when there are so many more fun and meaningful things to do)?

message 9: by Ross (new)

Ross Hageman I knew that you would attempt to join FDA Inspected with FDA Approved. Both are completely dissimilar.
Body By Vi isn't a drug Paul, It's a nutritional supplement. No FDA approval is applicable in any nutritional supplement. FDA inspection actually isn't either; Body by VI has elected that. However, as an aside, each individual ingredient that creates the shake IS FDA approved. Not the mention the fact that 99.9% of the shake is all natural by weight.
This blog is exactly the factually incorrect information that leaves me baffled. I'm certain that you have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to nutrition based on your pedigree but what you have written about the body by vi product is grossly inaccurate. Technically what you've said about the fiber, protein and Aminogen are libelous. On the basis that it is misleading the public.
I do promote Body By Vi; when we are speaking of facts does that make a difference? Or will you simply disregard my dissenting information (not opinion, but factual rebuttals) because I am Promoter?

I certainly have provided no link to buy from me nor am I that crass. That isn't my goal here.

Wouldn't it be irresponsible for someone in your field NOT to address how factually incorrect you have represented a product that has literally helped millions of people lose millions of pounds in the continent?
Such as free speech goes… You aren't required to. You've simply misled anyone that has read what you’ve written and what’s done is done.

I respect a good discourse. I sincerely don't mean to address anything personally, just the information that you've presented.
I wish you nothing but the best Paul.

message 10: by Paul (last edited Mar 01, 2013 08:58PM) (new)

Paul I'd rather believe Kathy, a former product user who got a kidney stone thereby, then believe a company salesman. Body by Vi may be a supplement, but I don't believe it is "nutritional" (as I know of many more fruit and vegetables that are far more natural and beneficial to the body).

Nevertheless the Vi company gives you a BMW when you sell enough product, but my kidneys and liver are not for sale. As for the FDA who you seek to use to validate your product, uh, have you forgotten that the FDA allows some 'defect levels' tolerating mold, rodent hairs and insect fragments in our food?

I as a former personal fitness trainer, health coach, nutritional consultant, and global food expert decide on what is best to put in my body, not the FDA, nor Body by Vi. I know what is best for my body - living food, NOT chemically created powder.

If you send me a packet of your powder, I can leave it outside in the garage and see if the insects, ants and bugs like it as much as my buckwheat and living food. I'm sure birds, dogs and cats would not be impressed by your product either. Why than should we be duped?

message 11: by Trix (new)

Trix I'm with Paul on this. Everyone I've ever met that is involved with this product has marketed it as a "life saving" product. A promoter also tried to tell me that it helps build muscle without you having to change your lifestyle. He pretty much said that I would lose weight without changing my lifestyle. The "get something for nothing" gimmick. Well, duh. If I replaced 2 meals a day with a beverage, I'll lose weight...but I won't build muscle. However, what about when you hit your plateau? You either have to exercise to lose the remaining weight, or buy the next "pack" he's trying to sell. But, don't get him wrong....he wants to HELP you by getting you your product for free (let's face it, that sh*t's expensive). Certainly, not everyone can fork over a hundred dollars or more at a time for some cake mix flavored "miracle". It doesn't teach people how to actually take care of themselves through diet and exercise. If the company really wanted to help people, it would focus on teaching people how to EAT properly and not teach them to rely on a pre-packaged shake. And then, he showed me the following video about how amazing and life-saving this product is. I was appalled that he showed it to me since I work in the medical field and would have a list of issues with the claims made. But, you can be the judge.

message 12: by Ross (new)

Ross Hageman I would really need to know how Body By Vi Caused Kathy’s Kidney stones. Since there is no way a doctor or medical professional cal pinpoint an exact cause (foodwise) of kidney stones to date. The major component of a kidney stone is an overabundance of calcium and sodium compounds which the shake contains minimal amounts of. Almost no sodium in fact.
I would personally like for her to have a look at this list to see if there are any other possibilities rather than bulk labeling as to what her cause was.

I couldn’t agree more with Paul on the Real food opinion. A diet of organic fruits and Vegetables would be ideal. Perfect even. But haven’t we all known that for years? Why as a nation are we still all getting more and more overweight? We taught kids in schools what is good for them and yet they still choose otherwise. This current generation is literally going to live less long that their parents generation simply because of their health. What is the problem? Unfortunately it’s Us and Food.
As long as we as people demand a super fast- low cost food option businesses will continue to provide drive throughs or fast food chains galore. The majority of the nation’s lifestyle has stopped eating home cooked wholesome foods and has substituted them for their horrible, greasy and unhealthy options.

The demand for fast food options will not change. It’s apparently ingrained in the population. In order to overhaul that, we have developed a fast, simple option that provides a path of least resistance to those that simply don’t know where to begin dietwise. It literally Costs a $1.63 per shake so it actually cost less than the horrible fast food meal that it is replacing.

Here is my example. Every personal client I have is encouraged to replace that one CRAPPY meal that they have. And then once they have accomplished that I provide them with healthy snack options. Veggies and fruits and grains that is perfect for them. And then after they can consider possibly working out and I bring them with me to the gym that I go to. It’s much more akin to rehab. It’s a starting point for those that are completely lost in failure when it comes to diet and weight gain. Through “The Challenge” and our free Challenge trainer, and our community of support, and our free healthy food recipe book which is recommended through the Body by Vi documents list any customer on The Challenge can slowly find their way back to a healthier way of living. It’s not a magic shake, It’s just the most effective solution to date (number one weight loss company in the continent) that has been created in helping the human population with its number one health challenge.. Obesity.

Also as an aside, I have three friends and their Dogs are nuts for the shake mix. They have to keep the shake away or they will eat it. But your comment did make me laugh regardless.

message 13: by Paul (last edited Mar 01, 2013 11:39PM) (new)

Paul LOL Glad I was able to make you laugh. My guess is the dogs like the excitoxin #4 sodium caseinate - another hidden term for MSG as noted by neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, MD and author of Excitotoxins - The Taste That Kills

As for humanity's 'number one health challenge' as someone who has traveled to 70 countries, 6 continents and lived overseas in Asia (where two-thirds of the world resides) for 4 years; I can tell you obesity is NOT the 'number one health challenge' of the human population. Obesity arguably may be among North America's top health challenges, but not necessarily number one.

Perhaps you should take a look at some deadly pathogens/parasites in this video people throughout the world battle everyday -

Body by Vi powder to replace a meal is hardly 'the most effective solution' for health and nutrition. LOL

I'm happy to pay more for living food then eat crap, or drink chemically created powder w milk or water.

Nevertheless have fun with the community and company. Love, faith and hope are powerful forces regardless of what you put in your body.

message 14: by Jeff (new)

Jeff Ross it's funny that you point out and dwell on such insignificant things to protect your product in a defensive posture. I guess it's to be expected. The whole thing here is about integrity. Paul obviously has a lot of that because he speaks the truth to let people know about the dangers. What I suggest to you is do your own research on all the ingredients in your protein and see how you feel about promoting and selling a food product to people who are grossly uneducated in the subject, clearly misled and likely already sick from the processed food they've been eating their whole life. Just because your line is healthier than pop and chips or a chocolate cake does not mean that it is a healthy product. Your product boasts of GMO free soy, but maltodextrin is a processed product from corn starch. In North America, specifically the US if it is not certified organic corn it is definitely made from GMO corn. Sucralose which is a processed sweetener which has a whole slew of its own adverse health effects, just to point out a few. That ingredient list may be concern for long term health problems which may start to surface long after your 90 Day challenge. You should always be cautious of a product which they do more speaking about wealth and riches promoting the evils of money rather than the specifics about the product itself (pyramid scheme). To me it just a cheaply processed protein powder in nice package and a whole lot of marketing. My suggestion would be to stick with real organic food. That's the way it was meant to be. When you are done researching all of your ingredients, look up the definition of integrity.

message 15: by Paul (last edited Jul 10, 2013 06:30AM) (new)

Paul Well said Jeff! Thanks for sharing.

message 16: by Paul (new)

Paul Hi Terry, I use several products based on each individual body, personal history, family history, where they have traveled to, lifestyle and dietary habits, etc.

Please email my staff if you would like to schedule a health coaching consultation for me to recommend specific products for personal wellness (

message 17: by Paul (new)

Paul Lovely pic Terry. Glad you are not putting chemically concocted rubbish in your body.

message 18: by Wilda (new)

Wilda Wright Thanks for the information am in the process of deciding if this product and business opportunity that I could use and feel good about marketing. I must say that the information here has swayed my decision to join or market this product..


message 19: by Paul (last edited Jan 03, 2014 09:24AM) (new)

Paul You're welcome Wilda. If the goal is health, discard the product. If the goal is earning money and marketing, I can think of many better options since the forthcoming lawsuits will neither help the company's name, nor the product's reputation with consumers.

Read my books "The Future of Food" (volumes 1 & 2) first -

You can earn far more money with me than Body by Vi. I don't require you to pay to play and give 20% on all paid speaking engagements, life/health coaching, and consulting work obtained your referral. Send me people with diabetes, cancer, and heart disease to transform and help with my wellness and nutritional strategies.

I typically am paid $2,500 and travel expenses per one hour speaking engagement, which could earn you $500 per referral. If you want to organize wellness seminars for me locally where you live, I will split the revenue generated with you for gathering the people and providing a venue for me to teach and speak.

For example a wellness seminar you organize and charge people $25 to attend which gathers 100 people equals $2,500 and we both do well doing good (and sleep wonderfully knowing we are promoting God's nutrition, the Creator's wisdom not some chemically concocted formula void of any living nutrition).

message 20: by Elisha (new)

Elisha Smith Hello. I tried body by vi for one month and was very dissapointed. I lost weight but I was assured it was okay to take. but it was just to few calories. I should have researched the ingredients instead of trusting my friends who are all promoters as well. plus my hormones were all out of wack after just having the baby so after a month on the product my hair started falling out. And I started having horrible migraines. My doctor basically said stop drinking the shakes asap.

message 21: by Paul (new)

Paul Wow! Your hair began falling out. That's insane! Thanks for sharing your story Elisha to warn consumers.

message 22: by Elise (new)

Elise Green I'm down right disgusted withy visalus.. I watched my friends get excited about this scam opportunity and I watched for a year and saw a bunch of people get bmw's but their income didn't really increase.. Then after a year I wanted to join bc I thought wow I'm a really motivated excited fun energetic live person that would be great for this as I've done promotional modeling, worked as a server at blue martini, and was recently a Hooters Girl before I started my "visalus career". Totally horrible.. I started the shakes all excited yayyy then had a few people join n more people. Started seeing results, posted videos, started getting the hype out there, and wham smacked me in the face like a ton of bricks!!! I drank the shakes two a day for 4 weeks.... Then my health just plummeted .. I STARTED HAVING GAS HORRIBLE DISGUSTING DUMPSTER RANK GAS, THEN CAME THE ABDOMINAL PAIN AND BLOATING, AND CONSTANT STOMACH ACHES, THEN CAME THE DIARREAH EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR 5 weeks straight... And it didn't stop there. I started having bloody diarreah and severe dehydration. My lips felt like dry super glue. My skin was pale with dryness I couldn't absorb the water I kept trying to drink.. N headaches.. I was drinking two shakes a day and stopped when I realized that's what was causing it. At first it was only gas.. But when I started having bloody diarreah that's when I had to decide fvck this company and their deceptive marketing and lack of proper warning labels and possible side effects. I don't have any food allergies and never have, and as a student I have studied nutrition and maintained healthy eating habits on a regular basis. This is a terrible product. It's starving your body and pumping it with chemicals like sucralose n maltodextrine and no one tells you to be aware of this. I bought up a stock in Gatorade n thank god bc it truly helped revive me. I'm still suffering from the diarreah n combatting dehydration as this product has done some bad things to me. I originally intended on giving this product to my dad to like the company states, "improve his health, balance out his body with nutrients, proteins, and vitamins he could not get unless he ate 8000+ calories a day" however being that he is healing from a traumatic lung cancer removal I thought this would be a good product for him. However after seeing the way it ruined my life n made me lies my job at hooters for health reasons as well as time consuming deceptive business planning that I thought would be good development has spiraled into a terrible night mare and I refuse to let my friends and family use these harmful products!!! They have all been there and heard first hand what happened to me and I'm sorry to my friends and family that have used this product and I hope they get their money and health back. I am definitely pressing a lawsuit ASAP !!!!!

message 23: by Dcola (new)

Dcola I have had several friends try to sell me the Vi shakes. I have had stubborn post pregnancy weight/thyroid issues. I read the label and said no just based on it having artificial sweeteners and non-fermented soy which can lead to cancer. I use Almased and it is the same idea without the fake cake batter taste and twice the protein from unfermented soy. It really helps with weight loss and keeps me from having blood sugar dips and spikes..usually for 3-4 hours. It is important to note that if you are following a 2 shake one meal regimen, you have to add more calories to the shake. This is where the whole fruits and veggies come in. Use a blendtec or similar and throw in your fruits and veggies in the shake, I try to add at least 100 calories of raw produce along with a teaspoon of coconut oil. You can still have the convenience of a shake while staying healthy. I do not sell Almased, and I am not trying to promote it, I am just offering a healthy alternative to all of the overly processed options out there. Sure, it is beneficial to lose weight if you are over weight but you should not compromise your health in the process..that defeats the whole purpose.

message 24: by Scott (new)

Scott Forlines I am trying to find some kind of link as to what has been happening to me in the last few years.

I started on the Body-by-Vi drink mix about 3yrs ago and did it regularly for 6 months and after loosing 40lbs I decided to back off and eventually ended the program, yet I never really have many problems during that time, but ever since I have had all kinds of skin infections, and other infections (three back to back bronchitis cases among other things)

I am trying to find a link (if there is one) between Vi diet and weakened immune system issues. The thing that I deal with the most now is recurring boils (mainly under my left arm) they get so bad at times that I have to have them lanced, and while I have them I have to limit human skin to skin contact, which puts a strain on the marriage at times.

The timing of all this is just a little too "coincidental" IMO and I don't know where else to turn because all the Dr.s that I see just want to shove antibiotics in my pie hole and I'm getting tired of them all (I am on my 8th round of antibiotics this year alone).

Any help? Leads? Thanks in advance.

message 25: by Elise (new)

Elise I have been researching to try and find out what caused all my illnesses. After a year of Dr after Dr not understanding why my body decided to shut itself down , attack my own liver, spleen, lungs/chest, digestive tract, skin rashes and affect my hormonal balances in my body... its been determined that it was caused by Visuals. I am figuring out how to have the product further tested and hopefully get this off the market or to the point where they have to warn their customers of the risks in digesting this so called supplement. please contact me if you have had the same problems. Building a case will need plenty of you. Thank you.

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