Well, it took some doing, but I’m happy to be able to bring you the brand-new Night Angel Omnibus Glossary. I usually find glossaries to be boring, so I gave this one a bit of a voice and a story that you can see played out through the head notes, the marginalia, the end notes, and also in the comments on the Character List. I hope you have fun reading it. I certainly had fun writing it.

Also, if you’re looking at this as you read The Night Angel Trilogy for the first time, the terms and characters are spoiler-free as of the first time you read them in the text. If, on the other hand, you read straight through the entire glossary, you will probably have some things spoiled for you. When a writer’s stories have as many twists and turns as mine do, it’s hard to write a glossary like this at all! A big thank you to Orbit for giving me permission to post these, and in particular to Alex L. who helped us figure out a way to make these viewable with the margin notes intact.

The Glossary is HERE, and will also live under the Extras tab.

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Published on May 24, 2012 10:22 • 627 views

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message 3: by Jeff (new)

Jeff Brent -

OK. I was hoping to port it to the Nook directly from the website. I have Perfect Shadow on the Nook and physical copies of the trilogy. Really enjoyed reading them, and am looking forward to The Blinding Knife.
Thanks for the reply!


message 2: by Brent (new)

Brent Weeks Hi Jeff,
The Glossary and Character List are actually available on the Nook as part of the Omnibus edition. You can purchase that here: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/night...
Hope that's helpful!

message 1: by Jeff (new)

Jeff any chance of getting this in a format to put on Nook?

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