In the beginning there was darkness that was without form, and then there was light, and it was good, to a degree. It didn’t take away the darkness it just drove it into ever deeper pockets of non form. Places that were described as having an absence of light, rather than places that cultivated the dark. Man came onto the scene and brought with him bountiful life, life that needed the light to survive and the darkness remained. A thing that was a non thing everywhere that was without light. It grew in its non form filling in all the empty places between the worlds, and as the light began to run out it became more powerful, or rather less powerful, depending on your view. When the cycle completes the ultimate power of darkness will once again reign over all reality, and light will become but a distant dream. So it has been, so will it be again.
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Published on May 20, 2012 00:44 • 40 views • Tags: darkness, neil-leckman

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