My novella, Raw Vengeance, has received positive feedback but some readers feel like it needs to be expanded into a full-length novel. I'm torn being leaving it as is or spending the next year tweaking it. As it sits, it's 35K words and has sold roughly 50 copies since debuting in December of 2011 (should I panic or rejoice since this is my first foray into writing fiction?).

Originally, RV was slated as a test run to see if I could write a story, develop a cover, and earn modest sales—I've always termed it "testing the waters". Readers love the premise but feel that my protagonist needs more development.

Part of me wants to run on to the next big story idea but the other says I need to polish the product I have. I don't like the idea of missing sales due to lack of titles available. Admittedly, I'm a slow and methodical writer.

Another big problem is lack of sales. RV is hovering around 450,000 on Amazon even after I adjusted the blurb and cover. It was even on Victorine's site but didn't get any sales.

To put this into a time perspective, I'm in the editing stage of a full-length novel of the second book in the series. I wouldn't be able to get to RV until later this Summer. Should I take RV on and expand or take it out to the pasture with a pistol? Thoughts?

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Published on May 12, 2012 16:04 • 30 views

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