May 11, 2012
Good Seats Going Fast!

I've been a boxing fan ever since my dad took me to Buffalo's Memorial Auditorium to watch Willie Pep take apart an inoffensive chap named Walter Kolby. It was April of 1946, and I was coming up on my eighth birthday. Willie was 23, and at the time he'd been fighting for six years and would go on for another twenty. The ref stopped it after five rounds, and that was a mercy for Buffalo's own Walter Kolby, who hung up his gloves in 1952 and took a ten-count forty years after that.

Truth to tell, my Frequent Companion is twice the fight fan I am. So we watch a lot of pay-for-view bouts. A while back she reported proudly that she'd booked the show coming up in two weeks. Why so early? Quoth Herself: "I wanted to make sure we got good seats."

All of which is preface to the news that Amazon is taking pre-orders for Hit Me, the fifth Keller novel coming from Mulholland in February. Yes, that's nine months from now. But there are sound reasons to pre-order, even this far in advance—if there's a price increase, you're safe; if there's a lower price, you'll get it; if there's a UPS strike, Jeff Bezos will deliver your copy in person. But I like Lynne's reason the best. You'll get really good seats...

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