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DCU Center, Worcester, Massachusetts

1.  On Wednesday, I spoke at the Massachusetts Library Association conference in Worcester, Massachusetts.  It was a great conference and I had so much fun.  Everyone was very friendly and warm to me. As part of their auction, I gave away a signed set of books and a free library visit. I'm anxious to find out who won!

2.  My daughter, Julia, graduates college TOMORROW. How can that be possible?!  And yet, there it is on the calendar. :-)

3.  My little assistant is very excited to get back to work.


4.  I've been enjoying this loon cam from Minnesota. I grew up on a lake with loons, and my new book has loons in it. I even had the webcam on when the female laid her first egg (there are two now).  It was exciting to see and funny to read the comments on the scrolling chat.  It was like the loon had hundreds of Lamaze coaches.  "PUSH!" "You can do it!"

5.  I'm getting down to the end of my events for this school year. I have six left now, three of which are next week. That will be a busy week:  Maine, Florida, New York. 
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