One thing that may have gone unnoticed about the Ozeki in the past six days: as a group, they are doing very well. Waddling wonder Kotoshogiku is in the lead on 6-0 while Kisenosato, Baruto and ozeki newbie Kakuryu are on 5-1.

Interestingly, the worst scoring Ozeki are the longest-serving ones: Kotooshu and Harumafuji, who are both 3-3. So much for NHK announcer Kitanofuji's statement that the "senior ozeki must raise their game." Unless, of course, he meant that Kotooshu winning 3 bouts in a Tokyo tournament - something he failed to do all of last year - can be considered "raising one's game."

Hakuho has overcome his opening day loss to Aminishiki to win five on the bounce. Still not the perfect situation to be in ahead of his record-breaking six consecutive matches against Ozeki, but good enough to get serial choker Kotoshogiku to tremble, cough and splutter with his miso soup.

Vertically-challenged Toyonoshima is also putting on a good show at 4-2. He is actually below sumo's minimum height requirement, and scraped in to the sport by virtue of his outstanding judo background. He didn't even need that today when defeating beleaguered winless Takayasu by oshi-dashi. Shame his Enka singing is less impressive - that recent Sunday afternoon performance was terrible.

The weekend will really see the title race start to crystallize, with the first all-Ozeki contest scheduled for Sunday? Can Hakuho really beat them ALL?
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