And that’s my fish-slap for the day…yes I am giving it to myself.  I’ve been sitting here thinking up what would be cool or inspiring or beneficial to post, for the past week.  While I spent my time trying to come up with a creative blog to share with the world do you know what happened?  An entire week went by without a hint of a single posted word.
That’s hardly inspiring right?  I mean, hello!?
So today you could be reading the rambling musings of a girl stuck in marketing land, wading through the waters of sales and self-promotion (shameless, as you all know).  Or you may be reading about some of the amazing and wonderful people who have been there to support me in this journey.  Perhaps the new friends I’ve made along the way.
Sadly, I feel my words about my writing and all that I’m currently working on are falling flat these days.  Right now I feel as if I have nothing much to share because I’m sort of learning as I go.  And I like to take the time to process my experiences, analyze them, then give a well parsed recap.
But who has time to sit around and process anything anymore?  Sheesh, it’s a go, go, go society and I better just spit out whatever comes to mind as quickly as possible or I’ll be forgotten and left behind in the dust of someone with much faster keyboard fingers.
There’s a little voice inside my head (no, not just the one but that’s another post for another day…I’m a writer for goodness sake!) that’s telling me I should write something prolific related to my experiences up to now.  But then there’s another one (see, I told you) that wants to just ask people for a big favor.
So instead of trying to manufacture a post that will feel forced and stiff, today I’ve decided to ask each of my friends and family who have received and finished reading Ripple the Twine if they would be so kind as to do me the enormous favor of reviewing the book and telling their friends.
I’m not on Amazon (yet) but the book is up over on Goodreads and you can click here to go right to the page.  Every review and shared link helps me to promote the book.  Plus, any critical suggestions based on the story, characters, content, etc. will be used toward making my next one even better.  I’d be more than grateful for even just a click on a few stars or a FB share of the book’s buy me now page.  And I thank you in advance because it means more to me than you could ever know.
The support I’ve already received has been so amazing that I can hardly begin to thank everyone who’s shared links or shared the book with their friends (though I’ve tried & if I missed you consider this a HUGE thanks!).  Whether you have time or inclination to review Ripple the Twine or not I love you for everything you’ve helped me to achieve this far.
Feeling like the there are no limits to how far I can go and I have all of you to thank for that!
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Published on May 10, 2012 11:48 • 30 views

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