Well, the Aminishiki bandwagon continues to gather momentum. He is the inverse Samson - the more hair he loses, the stronger he gets. Today, he once again got the better of Kotooshu, proving that even as the years roll by, he is still the Bulgarian's NUN - Número Uno Nemesis.

It is oft left unspoken that the reason for Aminishiki's hoodoo over Kotooshu clearly stems from a grueling match in March 2006. Kotooshu's knee was injured before the tournament but his late-stable master insisted he would be a disgrace to the stable, Japan, Bulgaria, clean-shaven giants, sumo groupies, Ueno's bar managers and himself if he did not take part.

He took part and did well until coming up against a much-lighter variant of Aminishiki, who twisted and contorted him do much that Kotooshu's knee was all but destroyed. Worse still the fight went to a re-match which also ended in sumo gymnastics. Kotooshu has never been the same, confident, hungry fighter since.

Ami now has 3 wins from 5 matches against the elite. With seven lower-rankers still to face, he could be looking at a big score and - heaven protect NHK - another Ozeki challenge.

It was a good day for hyper-apologetic NHK today and its CRONY initiative: Campaign to Reduce Ozeki Numbers for You. 3 ozeki gathered their sagari with tears in their eyes today. Kisenosato let himself down against Miyogiryu today - Mr Inconsistency is back again, sadly. Kotooshu, in case you misread earlier, lost. Harumafuji also lost. Which leaves ultra-polite baby-faced Kotoshogiku as the only unbeaten ozeki.

You know, at Kisenosato's party, he was so courteous as to ask ordinary folk like me -apologetically - to make way for him. If he asked his opponents that politely, perhaps they would keenly make way for him too. Now why does the word September spring to mind?
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