I have been working on putting together a blog tour for Shifting Gears to help spread the word about its upcoming release which is projected for June first. Hence my absence from posting anything on the blog recently. I encourage anyone who would be interested in hosting a pre-made guest post, providing a review for which I will provide an ecopy of the novel, or hosting a future giveaway to email me at ShawnKirstenB88(at)gmail(dot)com.

Also, I would love to hear your feedback about the novel. Have you read The Wanderer? Have you yet to start the series but look forward to starting it soon? What did you think of The Wanderer? What do you hope to find in Shifting Gears? What intrigues you about this series?

I have also been working on the next installment of the Rider series and it's going rather well so far. I must say though that it is a very different novel from the first two. In The Wanderer Landon Bradley is a bit of a ladies man but he is serious and focused all the same. He's a very strong and sure character and even stoic at times. In Shifting Gears Wesley Pierce is a bit more lighthearted. He is less burdened by the things he's faced in life. He handles his problems much differently than Landon does. The next character in the third installment of the Rider series will prove to be much more fun-loving and out for a good time. Though he is responsible and kind he is still very much a young man happy to explore and cause trouble.

What novel intrigues you most? How do you picture your ideal rider? And where do you hope to see this series go?
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Published on May 09, 2012 14:59 • 110 views

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