Just wanted to let you know that you can now order signed copies of my novels from Mac’s Backs – Books on Coventry. Either click on that link or use the ORDER A COPY drop-down menu on any of the book pages within my website. If you want more than a signature, let the store know how you’d like me to personalize the book; I’ll get over there as soon as possible so Suzanne can get it into the mail for you. She still has hardcover copies of Doc  (Fathers Day is coming!) but the hardcover is an endangered species now, so order soon.

And as long as I’m being crass…

When you enjoy one of my blog essays (clearly not THIS boring-ass thing, but one of the funny ones, maybe), I’d take it as a personal favor it you’d push it toward anyone else you think might appreciate my work. Yes, it’s true: authors’ blogs are often only thinly disguised infomercials for our books. I will also confess that I started blogging and tweeting and joined Facebook only because my literary agency insisted that those are all necessary forms of publicizing books these days.

Initially, I only saw the downside of the activity. Instead of immersing myself in the world I was trying to build fictionally, I expected to be distracted by blogging, and that my energy would be squandered on tweets. What I didn’t anticipate was how supportive and helpful and funny and interesting your responses would be.

So I’d like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to those of you who’ve signed up for the blog or liked the Facebook page or who follow me on Twitter. You’ve commiserated with us on the death of our dog, and made me feel more noble than idiotic for saying “No” to Hollywood. You’ve helped with my research by describing your personal experiences  from childhood piano lessons to vertebral collapse. When my brother was so sick back in August, I was alone in Phoenix but you were there electronically, bucking me up. And, together, we have donated enough money to the Doc Holliday Memorial Fund at Smile Train to provide 58 cleft palate and cleft lip surgeries.

Thanks. You guys are great.




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Published on May 08, 2012 12:27 • 172 views

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