It's thrilling when a writer-friend is getting great press and reviews. That's the case right this moment for my dear friend Audrey Glassman Vernick, who wrote a children's book about an all-brother baseball team that is receiving praise from the trade mags (Publisher's Weekly) as well as the mainstream press (The New York Times). Yes, there really was such a thing as an all-brother baseball team (who knew?) back in the 1930s and '40s. The longest-playing all-brother team were the 12 Acerra brothers of Long Branch, New Jersey, and Audrey - baseball fanatic that she is - could not resist tracking down the surviving brothers. Over pasta at Freddie Acerra's house (Freddie loves to cook), they agreed to let Audrey tell their story. The book, "Brothers at Bat," was illustrated by Steven Salerno and published by Clarion. It's a completely charming book which captures the era of the brothers' glory days when they were celebrities in their own right. Now, thanks to the book, their story will never be lost to time.
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