Amish Character Spotlight–Trent McCallister

This has been fun. I’m a little sad to see it end, but our last character is Trent. The last and maybe least likely of Callie’s love interests. : ) Falling to Pieces and A Perfect Square is about friendships and how folks in a community come together. Trent is certainly part of that community and he does become Callie’s friend. Will he become more?

Name: Trent

Age: Old enough to know better

Physical description: blondish long hair, skinny, geeky, hazel eyes

Personality traits: Trent’s personality is slippery. He DOES care about Callie, but he also wants that front page story. It’s a problem, right?

Background: He moves to Shipshe when the newspaper editor in book one is killed. Maybe Shipshe is a stepping stone to a better assignment, or maybe he’s going to settle down.

Shipshewana Connection: Trent provides some youth and energy to this small town. Folks can’t help but like him. Maybe it’s that charming smile he has, or maybe it’s his work ethic!

Media Connection: Trent is another character that I could SEE from day one. I was a LOST fan for years, and yeah–I always liked/hated Sawyer. I never could figure him out, and I feel the same way about Trent. Makes for a lot of fun.

Have a blessed weekend.


p.s. I’m signing books at the Lifeway store in Conroe, Texas today from noon to 2. If you’re in the area, I’d love to meet you!

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