Adventures in Self-Publishing

I'm still planning on reading the History myself (oy is that going to be a to-do), but several of my other pieces I can't do. I have read "Scryer's Gulch" at readings, but it really needs a Sam Elliot type to do it justice. A British accent is 100% necessary for "Dalston" and "The Amber Cross," and while I can do Received Pronunciation fairly well I'm not consistent enough for my own taste and I can't do Cockney and the other British accents worth a damn. (When I read from "Dalston" live I tell the audience, "Imagine Juliet Stevenson is reading this instead of me.")

So I'm taking Neil Gaiman's advice and trying out ACX, a service via Amazon and Audible (same diff) where authors can hook up with audiobook producers. I'm getting a sample from a voice actress/producer next week and I think we may have the audiobook up by the end of the month. If I like what we do and she'll read erotica (unsure about that), I may ask her to do "The Amber Cross" as well.

It's all very exciting, this modern age in which we live. Smiling

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Published on May 04, 2012 12:03 • 19 views

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