Welcome to the May edition of the Insecure Writer's Support Group.

This is a blog hop associated with Alex J. Cavanaugh who created it. Read about it HERE.

Lately, I've been insecure about word count. As my bloated sequel swells to 160,000 words (and yes I'm trying to trim it), I feel more than ever that the editing and rewrites I've done over the last month or so is finally beginning to take shape. In other words...I've reached the point where I can almost say "I have a second draft".

That makes me happy.

But the word count doesn't.

Oh well. I'll read through it one more time to see if there are things I could cut in order to streamline what I want to say in a better way. I hate you word count god. *shakes fist.

On Friday, I'll be starting my blog tour beginning with Alex's science-fiction blog. I'll be giving away fun prizes like this SLIPSTREAM spider. I hope you'll stay tuned :)
They really sparkle in the sunlight. Have a great Wednesday.
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