I love book release days - they are a lot like birthdays. This week I have two releases - Deceptively Yours and Emotional Baggage. Both books feature a protagonist who is pretending to be someone they are not.

In Deceptively Yours, Laura is pretending to be her sister, incognito sex advice columnist Dear Annie, who is very pregnant and can't come to an island resort to give a speech she'd planned to. What Laura hasn't counted on is meeting a sexy stranger. Since in her real life, Laura is a shy bookworm, she never expects to be swept off her feet.

That sexy stranger, however, is also parading as someone he is not rather than a PI searching for a dangerous fugitive.

In Emotional Baggage, Jon Bender has been living in disguise for years. When the only woman he ever loved moves in upstairs, he does his best not to fall for her all over again, but you know how well that's going to work!

Here's a little about both books:
Deceptively Yours:

Shy bookworm Laura Weston agrees to take her very pregnant sister’s place and speak at a hedonist conference at a Caribbean resort. Since no one knows what sex advice columnist Dear Annie looks like, she prays she can pull off the ruse. Private Investigator Guy Weston is on Pleasure Cove Island to find drug kingpin Harry Turiano. What he hadn’t counted is the hot blonde at the villa next door to Harry’s who proves to be way too much of a distraction! 
Emotional Baggage: Sentenced to house arrest for a crime she never knew she'd committed, germophobe Reese Robinson is forced to live in the dilapidated apartment building she owns.Disguised fugitive and tenant Jon Bender recognizes Reese as the only woman he ever loved. But can he bring himself to reveal his true identity  since he was responsible for her father's downfall?
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Published on May 01, 2012 06:36 • 83 views

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