After much soul-searching this past weekend, I've decided to take a three-month break from blogging. I'd planned to do that from June to August, but am shifting it to be from now to the end of July.

I have a couple of novels I'm working on that require a lot of research and focus, and I'm finding that switching mental gears to write blog posts is proving to be too distracting to the productivity schedule I need to keep to be able to take time off to enjoy our 25th anniversary special vacation this summer.

We just booked an Alaskan Cruise!!! We have never had a vacation like this and are very excited about seeing this beautiful part of the world, not to mention experiencing life aboard a ship. Anyone else grow up watching the Love Boat?!

By the time August rolls around, I'll be bubbling with stories and photos to share with you.

Actually, I am now...stories about my research, but until the book is scheduled for publication, I think I need to wait. All that to say that come August, I'll have a variety of posts to share.

In the meantime, I'll continue to post updates to my Facebook page. The link is on the top right hand bar. I often post links to free Ebooks on my FB page, as well.

Of course...if I any really exciting news come up, I'll do a special post. Deep Cover has been short-listed for the Canadian Christian Writing Awards in June, so...I can dream. ~grin~

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If you're a writer and hope to break into the Love Inspired lines, don't miss this opportunity to pitch to editor Emily Rodmell: which I posted to FB last week. You need to sign up for the Harlequin community if you're not already a member. You may need to copy and paste the link into your browser to avoid being taken to the welcome page.

Also...for aspiring writers, I'll be at both Write!Canada and the ACFW conference and am offering critiques through them, which you book and submit ahead of time. The links are in the sidebar.

I will miss our weekly interactions, but I will still be guest-blogging around cyberspace: 
    Monday May 7th @ talking about writing contests
    Thursday May 24th @ interviewing Irene Hannon's Rita finalist book Deadly Pursuit. Yes, you read that right. I'm interviewing a book!
    Monday May 28th @ 
     Tuesday June 5th @ 
     Wednesday June 20th @

Your Turn: What are your summer plans? Do you spend more or less time reading blogs through the summer? What are your favorite kinds of posts to read?

The following were my favorite posts to write, while the responses to my "brainstorming a story" posts last fall were among my favorite conversations:
Let's chat about the above questions...and then I hope I'll see you all back here in August! I have so enjoyed our time together. Have a fabulous few months. God bless.

Oh, don't forget!!! If you read Shades of Truth and found the word WODE, email me the page number/location before June 1st for a chance to win a gift certificate to your favorite book retailer. More details here: I'll announce the winner in my June newsletter, which you can sign up for at the top of the sidebar, but don't worry. If you win, I will notify you![image error]
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