I've been on Goodreads a total of maybe six weeks. In that six weeks I've gravitated towards "friends" who are either reviewers or authors with whom I share the same book interests, or they have the same kind of attitude that I do. The "I seriously don't care what you have to say go suck your thumb" attitude.

However, one thing that Goodreads is awesome for is connecting authors with reviewers. I've looked at SO MANY book blogs by reviewers and been REALLY excited to have that person read and review my book when I get to the part that says:

"I am not accepting books by self published authors."

AHHHHHHHH GRrrrrrrrrraahhhhhhhhh


That's when I get frustrated. Now, I TOTALLY realize that it's up to each individual reviewer to decide what THEY want to accept, and I absolutely respect that.

That doesn't mean I can't cry a little about it.


So this is just me asking if there's a specific reason I see so many reviewers not wanting self published titles?


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message 1: by Evie (new)

Evie I don't think it's anything personal. Personally, I reached a point with my blog, when I really just have to be a little bit picky with what titles I accept for reviews. Having worked with many publishers over the past year, and being sent dozens of books, my first priority is getting through the ever-growing stacks of books I receive every week in the mail. And there just isn't enough time for anything else. That doesn't mean I don't like/respect/want to help promote self-published books - I do! I have worked with many amazing self-pubs over the past years, some of them I think of as friends now, all of them I deeply admire and respect, and for them I always have a spot on my blog - no matter what. And I wish I could help all the self-pubs out there, accept all the requests, read all the books.. but it's just physically not possible. So, yes, I realize that seeing "not accepting self-published books" might be a big let down and stab in the heart, but it's better than accepting every single request from everyone and then not being able to ever actually get to the book. That, I think, is even more disappointing for the author :)

message 2: by Missy (new)

Missy LaRae Evie,

Thanks for the comment. I've sifted through a ton of blogs, and when I find a reviewer who specifically reviews my genre of book it's a let down when I see that. I do understand that they get a ton of requests, I honestly don't know how some of you do it.

It's really cool that you've become close with self published authors, I think of a lot of them as mavericks, and know from experience how genuinely daunting it can be even approaching someone with pretty much zero street cred and asking them to review a book.

I do agree that it is disappointing to get a rejection from a reviewer, or to not even get a reply.

I hope you do get through your stacks of TBR though, so much out there that's good I can't hardly wrap my head around it!

message 3: by Kenya (new)

Kenya Wright You know there are hundreds upon hundreds of reviewers out there that read and review indie. The best thing is to go to indie books like Angelfall or (mine) Fire Baptized, then check out who reviewed the books. They usually have there blog address on there goodreads page OR you can just email them.

Truthfully, the amount of book blog reviewers that read indie surpase the ones that don't... and lets face it, the ones that don't read indie are not the ones you want reviewing you anyway because those people tend to have a magnifying glass searching for a problem.

Wish you luck!

message 4: by Missy (new)

Missy LaRae Kenya,

Very good points and thanks for commenting. I've been looking over a ton of blogs, but honestly there's so many of them and all of the genres are different it does take a tremendous amount of time.

The Sword and The Prophet was written for a middle grade audience, but has been enjoyed by an adult audience as well.

Thanks for the advice and for putting The Sword and The Prophet on your to-read shelf!


message 5: by Kate (new)

Kate Copeseeley Honestly, (and I don't blame them here) I think some book bloggers get tired of being solicited by indies who they don't know from Adam and haven't been vetted. I read a TON of indie books (not an book blogger), but even I hesitate to take a chance on just ANY indie book. There are so many. I usually go for the ones that have a few reviews (and not all good reviews, either! I like to wait until there are a few one or two star reviews).

Kenya is right, there are a lot of bloggers who review indie books. Kindleboards has a list of them somewhere, I believe.

message 6: by Missy (new)

Missy LaRae @ Kate

I don't blame them either, definitely don't. I've downloaded a ton of indie books lately, and honestly struggled through a couple of them, and quit reading quite a few.

Do you think a well thought out approach email works to push a reviewer towards a book? I tried really hard to write a "please read my book" email that sounded professional, interesting, and not like I was the next baby Jesus of authors.

Thanks for the tip about the kindle boards. I find myself spending so much time marketing The Sword and The Prophet that I'm neglecting my writing!

Bad, bad juju.

Thanks for the reply!

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