My publisher had the very cool idea of assigning factions to fifty book bloggers (ten for each faction), and distributing Insurgent ARCs to those bloggers only. Each faction of bloggers has been competing to get the most page views, and at the end, the winning faction will get a prize. They've also been recruiting anyone who feels they belong to their particular faction. It's been really fun to watch for the past few weeks, and I even got a Dauntless button and an Amity bracelet out of it (so cool!).

Since we're counting down the last five days until Insurgent comes out, for the next five days, each faction will be taking over the Divergent facebook page and sharing faction party tips, fashion tips, and other fun things. Today is DAUNTLESS DAY.

To celebrate, I am wearing a faction-inspired outfit every day until May 1st. Since most of my closet is full of black clothes, this day was the easiest.

Want to dress like a Dauntless? First let's see what they wear:

My father calls the Dauntless "hellions." They are pierced, tattooed, and black-clothed. (Page 7)

They still look strange to me--a mother with a pierced eyebrow, a father with a tattooed arm, an initiate with purple hair, a wholesome family unit. (Page 177)

Well, I already had the hair:

So all I had to do was put on a pretty normal outfit, for me:

And of course, I wouldn't be Dauntless if I didn't have guns and a tattoo:

(Yeah, that tattoo is fake. Shh.)

For more fun Dauntless faction stuff, check out the tumblr here. (There's a "how to throw a Dauntless party" guide that I find amusing.) And if you, too, want to don your black clothes and bare your sweet tattoos/piercings/unnatural hair colors, or tell your Dauntless stories, TAKE TO THE STREETS. Or rather, the facebook page. Or Twitter! Or here in the blog comments! (tag @harperteen or use #DivergentNation)

And now I guess I should do something Dauntless, like...light firecrackers, or take the El, or fearlessly change a lightbulb WITHOUT TURNING OFF THE SWITCH. Damn. I am a rebel.

Be brave.

Author out.[image error]
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Published on April 26, 2012 13:07 • 1,525 views
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message 1: by Skyla (new)

Skyla This is a really cool idea! Loving the Dauntless "tattoo" =)

message 2: by Alein (new)

Alein Nice!

message 3: by Mockingjay (new)

Mockingjay Sounds AWESOME!

message 4: by Rosemarie (new)

Rosemarie Can't wait for the book! Ugh I want to be a Dauntless! Lmao ^_^

message 5: by Crystal (new)

Crystal That's such a cool idea!

TheOneAndOnlySam that is such an awesome idea!!!!! amazing!!!!!

message 7: by İlay (new)

İlay Erarslan So cool :D

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

Makes me want to dye my hair! ♥

message 9: by Equinoxgirl (new)

Equinoxgirl this is the best!

message 10: by Armenda (last edited Apr 27, 2012 07:11AM) (new)

Armenda I have a streak of hair dyed blue, several REAL tattoos, and a pierced nose and multiple ear piercings. My favorite outfit is my combat boots (old Army-issue black ones), jeans, a black t-shirt, and my motorcycle jacket. I don't jump on and off of trains, but I do ride a Harley. I think I'd do well in Dauntless life.

message 11: by Laurel (new)

Laurel I have a couple of real tattoos, multiple ear piercings, and I'm wearing a skull and crossbone print tshirt and combat boots. I'm good. /flex

message 12: by Shanelle (new)

Shanelle I read heaps and love to soak up all types of info :) I wear reading glasses and I love inside spaces, Im not sporty at all...

message 13: by Shanelle (new)

Shanelle I dont think Im a dauntless...

message 14: by Kasey (new)

Kasey I'm in

message 15: by Daisy (new)

Daisy i wore blue for Erudite today and i'm probably going to dress up for Abnegation :)

message 16: by Michelle (new)

Michelle My friends and I love Divergent and are having a "faction day" at my house. I'm Dauntless.

message 17: by Alexis (new)

Alexis Sokolowski i love dauntless it sounds like me jumping off my roof onto my trampoline and bouncing from trampoline to my monkey bars and from there to the ground ugh i love divergent i wish i lived with them four sounds soo cute lol :)

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