My goal is to enlighten non-Gays by offering them ways to talk to and about Gays in their lives. Through this I aim to put an end to the stereotyping that plagues everyday language and society and that sets Gays apart from the rest of humanity. I work to create better family and working environments for Gays. If society could talk about Gays the way we now talk about race, non-Gays would soon discover that their Gay friends and family members were just like them. If we can achieve this I believe all individuals would be noted as different in the same manner that people are short, tall, white, black, but not otherwise different just because of their sexuality.

Excerpts from GAY: A New Path Forward:
"I have a dream one day people will not be judged by their sexual orientation but by the content of their character." -Derek Eichler M.D.

"Life would be boring without a difference of opinion and there isn't anything different or abnormal about being gay." -Nicolas Janovsky, author

"Our voice dies if we fail to find the ears to listen and the hearts to inspire." -Nicolas Janovsky, author

Gay: A New Path Forward
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