I'm not always a fan to movies bases on a book. Too often the director takes the title of a book, totally changes the plot and the characters and then presents the mishmash to an unsuspecting audience. Critics then applaud because the movie is not 'derivative,' meaning that the book has basically been plagiarized. Other times, a lot of the book is simply cut out, ala The Lord of the Rings.
Hunger Games-the Movie is sort of a combination of both. For the most part, it follows the book although some parts have been cut. The real problem is the addition of material that was not in the original book. The most glaring error was not to tell it in the first person POV. But I enjoyed the movie, and I give it 4 stars.
As for the book, I liked it too, sort of. I'm not a fan of 'boo-hoo, we are under the thumb of the government stories,' but this was better than most, so 4 stars for the book also.
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Published on April 20, 2012 23:25 • 57 views • Tags: hunger-games

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