Leonard's Basement

A dirty, damp basement is where he escapes.
He turns on his computer and opens the drapes.
Ideas loiter and cling like cobwebs;
It's the secluded basement of Leonard's head.
He sits and listens to the noises above.
His daydreaming wanders, as he thinks of,
Rainy green Ireland and sunny Spain,
Romantic red Paris and mountainous terrain,
Slimy infested jungles, the frigid polar cap,
Starving people of Asia, freedom fighting in Iraq.
He visualizes rape, he meditates on murder;
He enters gates of darkness, and goes further.
Alien abductions, demons hiding in walls,
Flesh-eating insects, massacres at malls.
Distracted from adventures, he glances around.
He senses someone is watching, staring him down.
It's a leggy creature, suspended from its amazing labor.
"Welcome!" Leonard says to the insect neighbor.
The spider lifts a leg because of Leonard's consent,
Amongst dusty journals, on shelves that are bent.
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Published on April 18, 2012 21:24 • 353 views
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message 1: by midnightfaerie (new)

midnightfaerie love it! hope he helps you write. for me when coming across the arachnids...like yesterday when there was one the size of the empire state building and just as hairy in my mudroom, instead of questioning his writing abilities, i immediately cover him with a towel and throw him out the door. perhaps that's why i'm not getting anywhere with my writing. :)

The Pirate Ghost (Formerly known as the Curmudgeon) That's a wonderful Poem! Deep yet light.

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