It's been three months. Time for another State of the Union!

* Exhumed - Second draft complete. Should be in edits next month (I want to run through it one more time first). Looking at a July 10 release so I can avoid a Mercury retrograde. Shut up.

* Amends - On hold. If I'm able to take a working vacation soon, I'll churn out a few more chapters so they're scheduled and ready. It was burning me out and like three people were reading it anyway, so it got backburnered (*waves to the three people*).

* Oblivion - Planning stages still. I'm going to try to write it early fall, hoping for a January release.

* Solace, Broken, Viral, etc...? - question please.

* Children of the Apocalypse - Backburnered. Still on my radar. I need that working vacation.

* In Darkness Waits - I realized what was tripping me up with it. It's on hold while I sort it out.

* Ashes - Still poking around with it for fun.

* Godless (Dessa 5) - Baking in my brain. Characters are talking to me--probably cause they know half of them won't make it out alive.

* Haunted - Nowhere near having time to work on rewrites yet.

* River/Wolfe omnibus - Still on hold. *sigh* It'll get on Kindle eventually.

* For-Pay-Writing-That's-Killing-My-Soul - Two projects down, four to go over the next few months.

* Solomon's Seal - In progress and SO MUCH FUN OMG.

I don't like talking about stuff I might jinx. But screw it. I'm happy so far.

I was writing an unpublished blog post the other day (still in draft mode) and sort of scared myself. If Oblivion is the last in the series I publish, that means as of January...I won't have ANYTHING new scheduled to come out--no new Skyla Dawn Cameron books.

*is askeerd*

I haven't been in that place for years now. Even when I delayed stuff by years, at least I knew it would come eventually. I have tons of other finished stuff, but nothing I want to shop around for various reasons. So...square one, baby.

Enter Solomon's Seal.

I'm having a blast.

Want a random teaser? Read below, under the cut. Not giving any context, as I think it speaks for itself.

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