Yes, you read that right. And no, it's not a trick. The Sins of the Fathers, first volume in the Matthew Scudder series, is now available at Kindle, Nook, Kobo and Apple for 99¢.

(By the time you read this, the same low price should be in effect for Sony Reader, but the link I'm posting here now still reflects the $7.99 price.)

HarperCollins publishes The Sins of the Fathers, and had the eBook pegged at $7.99, the same price they get for the mass-market paperback. Now they've slashed the price in the hope that a taste of Mr. Scudder will leave you wanting more.

And, because they're genuinely nice people (and clever devils in the bargain) they've made it easy for you to indulge a hankering for Scudder. The Sins of the Fathers is 99¢—and they've cut the price of all the rest of the Scudder books to $3.99.

Ah, I see a hand raised, and I seem to recognize the gentleman attached to it. I do believe it's Ron Popeil. Ron, did you want to say something?

"But wait—there's more!"

And indeed there is. Along with all those Scudder books, HarperCollins also publishes all ten Bernie Rhodenbarr mysteries (starting with Burglars Can't Be Choosers), all eight Evan Tanner adventures (starting with The Thief Who Couldn't Sleep), all four Keller novels (starting with Hit Man), three books for writers (Telling Lies For Fun & Profit, Spider Spin Me a Web, and Write For Your Life), a couple of short story collections (including the mega-volume Enough Rope), my big New York novel (Small Town) and a memoir (Step By Step).

Every last one of them is on special for $3.99.

They won't stay that way forever. I know the 99¢ price on Sins is good for at least two weeks, and possibly for as long as a month. And I know the other books will stay at $3.99 for at least a month, but after that I think they'll go up a dollar.

I don't think I need to say more. The prices speak for themselves, and I'd rather get this to you ASAP than fine-tune it.


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Published on April 10, 2012 09:51 • 453 views
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message 1: by Wyndslash (new)

Wyndslash Thanks! It's a great incentive to get all of them :)

message 2: by Lawrence (new)

Lawrence Block I have a feeling that's what HarperCollins had in mind, Wyndslash. But it does take the pain out of the purchase.

And, for those of y'all with Sony Readers, the new low prices are up—and that link will get you there.


message 3: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Camara I remember going on a binge of Matt Scudder mysteries when I first got my ipod, reading about seven of them over the course of a winter and a spring. I won a Kindle at work recently and now I'm afraid, with these lower prices on the Scudder books I haven't read, that I'll become a hermit and my family will never see me.

If you see a story about a Midwestern father going to jail for child neglect due to non-stop reading, that will likely be me.

message 4: by Lawrence (new)

Lawrence Block Not to worry,Arthur. They'll give you a nice quiet cell with decent lighting and a comfortable chair. An d I'll do what I can to make sure you've always got plenty to read.


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