And another three people having seemingly read all three of my Foster books in the same day and rated them all 2 stars. Again I ask, if they were THAT bad why read the other two? I sure am glad I don't believe that there are people on Goodreads who just go around giving low rating on purpose.
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message 1: by Jana (new)

Jana Downs No worries, John. The rest of us know how awesome you are. ^-^

message 2: by Sammy Goode (new)

Sammy Goode Oh please--John they were doing the same thing to Kaje Harper's latest release--such utter asses--and that is me being kind, by the way! Honest to god, these people need to get a life--and John? I say that not only because I respect you and your work so very much but because it really is despicable to malign any author and their work because you have nothing better to do!

When will we reviewers realize that a persons work needs to be treated with care and respect--that it is a gift and, while we may not care for every gift we receive, it does not give us license to be rude to the giver!

message 3: by Jess (new)

Jess Candela FWIW, I often post a batch of ratings/reviews at one time. That doesn't mean I just read all those books, just that I finally got around to adding my thoughts on them to GR.

I'll rarely read a second book if the first was 2 stars for me, but every now and then there's a situation in which I will. However, I don't think I've ever read a third book if the first two were both 2 stars for me. But some people feel a compulsion to finish any book/series they start.

message 4: by John (new)

John Goode jeayci wrote: "FWIW, I often post a batch of ratings/reviews at one time. That doesn't mean I just read all those books, just that I finally got around to adding my thoughts on them to GR.

I'll rarely read a sec..."

Yeah I don't think this is what happened, twice now. But good to know it is within the realm of probability.

message 5: by Max (new)

Max John,

There are some people out there
Who's strange and bitter (crazy blokes),
I think they ate some cacti thorns,
And now spread unhealthy scorns…

They live by making authors suffer
And stray them further from the path
By choking Muse in evil wrath…

They feed on sorrow, desperation,
On strangling author's new creation…

Those hairy spiders, - pure hate!
They come and suck your soul away…
What can you do? How's that to fight?
Oh, well, turn on the bloody lights!

We're here, John, your loyal fans,
You rock for us! We are the ones,
We love your works!
Oh, yes, we do!
We're bigger, better then those few!
We wait for every single word
That comes from you, -
Oh, yes, we do!

John, look at us, we stay in light,
We hold the candles in the night.
We are your awesome super troops =)
(Don't look at those stupid spooks!)

I'll take my sweet graffiti kit
And call my friends (or I'll just twit!)
We'll go spray it on the wall
"John Goode's The One! The Best of All!"

And, yes! The pieces you create
We hold them dear night and day.
We, loyal readers, real mates, -
Your works and talent, Magic Dude -
We take it all with gratitude!

So, hey!
I greatly do apologize for being crazy impolite
By rhyming here left and right.
(I do, it's true.)

I caught the bug (called Voodoo Curses?)
I'm haunting everything with verses…
And no matter how hard
I hit my head against the wall
It doesn't help my case at all…

Just shoot me now, will, ya? Go!
I drowned deep in fuzzy snow.
But really, People! I just hope
I made my point clear though.

And John!
Don’t look at those ratings!
Just go, do some new creatings =)

I stop it here.
Good bye.
I poke away this huge speech bubble.
(I'm really sorry for the trouble!)

message 6: by Mirvan (new)

Mirvan  Ereon I wanna read them! How can I get a copy???? Please!

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