I think a few readers are interested in the technical side of making ebooks. (Okay, I can think of two. You'd be one, Charles. I forget who else, but definitely one other person.) Anyone who finds it tedious can rest assured I'll undoubtedly post about cats, beer or the latest thing I wrote soon.

It's been making me crazy that my ebook covers and graphics weren't showing up in my PDFs when they were opened with Adobe Digital Editions. How many of my readers use Digital Editions to read PDFs? Heck, I don't know. At least one. It was the principle that bothered me.

Turned out the issue was with the way I was exporting my PDF from InDesign. I had the distiller JPG compression set to lossless jpg2000 thinking how smart I was for using an advanced jpg format that would make my covers look really crisp. Well, I finally found out that Digital Editions doesn't display jpg2000, therefore my images all disappeared.

So, back to good old crunchy compressed jpgs for me. :(
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Published on April 09, 2012 14:13 • 51 views
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message 1: by MandyM (new)

MandyM I started using Adobe Digital Editions when I first discovered ebooks but quickly moved on. It's a horrible reading software. Too restrictive and slow for me.

message 2: by Jordan (new)

Jordan Castillo Price "Slow" seems to be the big consensus!

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