It used to be, that if an author wanted to release a second edition of a book he would first need to wander through miles of red tape within a traditional publishing house, and then hope that he sell out his first printing completely, for me this was a much less involved process. Last week I took a morning to augment a particular section of In the Window Room that had been nagging at me lately. I don't believe this will be a common occurrence as I continue to write, and publish, but if I can take a simple few hours to improve upon a work that took 6 months to complete. And if I can be humble enough to know when things might be helped by a second look, then I intend to use the tools at my disposal. When it's really just a easy as pressing "send" to make any changes I'd like.

Also, Happy late Easter. Buy or Borrow In the Window Room on Amazon

Steven J. Carroll
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Published on April 09, 2012 12:56 • 152 views • Tags: book-review, childrens-book, fantasy, fantasy-adventure, fiction, middle-grade, ya, young-adult

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