I notice that people sometimes use the word "kickstarter" as a synonym for crowdfunding in general. Kickstarter.com is certainly the big name in crowdfunding websites, and I can see why. It's bigger, slicker and a lot more flexible than many alternatives.

Unfortunately, it's also US-only. So instead, I'm giving crowdfunder.co.uk a try for my first ever crowd funding campaign. This is my test run, I suppose, so I'm sure I'll make some mistakes this time around. But I'll be learning the ropes, too, and experience all spends.

Here's the project link: http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/investment/the-draykon-map-project-702

As I talked about here, the purpose of this project is to raise the funds necessary to get a map done for the Draykon Series. Not just a map, but a glorious, beautiful map done by Ms Elsa Kroese, one that will serve the whole series-of-series that I have planned for the Draykon world. The map has been low on my priority list up until now, because unlike the text (duh), the format and the book cover, it isn't absolutely vital that I have one in order to publish the series.

But such things are so worth doing, even if they aren't easy to acquire. Now, I have a bunch of extra challenges to get past as a non-US resident, one of which is that it takes me a lot longer to get paid than many of my fellow indies.  So this is an alternative to waiting any longer (potentially much longer) to get the map done. I've done my best to make some interesting rewards available for participation, including some exclusive stuff I won't be offering anywhere else.

The project got started a couple of days ago (just in time for the weekend, oh yes. That was beautifully planned). It'll run for 28 days more from today, so there's quite a lot of time to participate if you'd like to.

Rewards include:

Ebook packs containing ALL my titles, for every contribution of £10 and above (between you and me, I'm happy to give that out for donations of less than £10 as well, only Crowdfunder wouldn't let me set a reward threshhold beneath that minimum level. So unofficially, all contributions get the book pack). The pack will include all three Draykon novels in the 2nd edition, which will include the new map plus a glossary and a couple of other extras. It'll also include my Malykant Mysteries titles: #1 (The Rostikov Legacy) and #2 which isn't out yet. These will be DRM-free and therefore shareable, and in any format.

The Map, in digital. Desktop-sized, digitally signed by both author and artist.

Prints of the cover art, or the new map. Signed by hand, by me.

Paperbacks. Also signed and personalised by me.

Any and all contributions are welcome, and I'll do my best to ensure that everyone participating gets plenty in return for the help. Even if you're not interested in contributing (or simply can't right now), any and all help promoting the project will be much appreciated also. Many thanks to those who've already helped to spread the word, and/or made contributions! Let's hope we can make it work between us, and then see what Elsa can do with the Seven Realms world.

I'll have a bit of news to share later this week. In the meantime, have a great few days – especially if you're getting the same unseasonably warm spring weather we're enjoying in Holland right now.

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