So stoked that Nook chose Dead Politician Society to feature in its Free Friday promotion.

The deal: If you have a Nook (or a phone, tablet, or computer with the Nook app), you can download Dead Politician Society free for the next two weeks.

Why am I so happy to be giving away a book I slaved over?

1. Because it's the 1st in a series, and I think like a crack dealer. I want people to meet Clare and be curious enough about her next adventure that they simply must get their hands on Death Plays Poker.

2. Because of the buzz. This morning, more people are talking about the book – some have already read and reviewed it. The best way to sell books is through word of mouth – a friend tells a friend about a book they enjoyed. So the more people talking, the better. (Even the person who gave it a 1 star review because of the foul language is a conversation starter and fine by me.)

3. Because I'm honored that Nook chose mine from the pile. They feature one book a week, and I'm thrilled for Clare to have piqued the right person's interest. I love their mini-review, where they say, among other things, "readers will root for Clare as she finds an idiosyncratic way to track down the killers."

They also asked me to recommend a book I liked. It was hard to narrow it down – I've read some great crime fiction lately from Ian Hamilton, Hilary Davidson, Chevy Stevens, Sandra Brannan, Nora McFarland and more. In the end, I chose Lisa Brackmann's Rock Paper Tiger because her protagonist reminds me a bit of Clare, so I figured it made a good "recommend" on the same page that featured DPS. The book is quirky and original, and I learned from it as a writer.

To download Dead Politician Society free, here's the Nook page.

Also, just found out it's free at iTunes also. Not sure why or for how long, but cool with me.

Happy reading!

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Published on March 23, 2012 03:00 • 145 views

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