Hi everyone,

Here's the latest news from the QUIET book tour, which continues at its whirlwind pace!

1. QUIET has been on the New York Times bestseller list ever since it debuted in late January.

2. Chris Anderson, the owner of TED, recently tweeted that my TED talk "smashed" all of TED's previous records for number of views in first week of posting — currently over 1.3 million views since the talk went live on March 2.

3. British readers! Tomorrow I'm headed to the United Kingdom, and would love to meet you. Please check my Events page for live events and TV/radio appearances.

4. American readers, the tour will continue in the U.S. in April. Please check back soon for upcoming appearances.

5. Here are a bunch of recent TV, radio, and print interviews with me, and mentions of QUIET:

CNN – Introverts Run the World — Quietly

The New York Times - In New Office Designs, Room to Roam and to Think

The Asian Age – Why Introverts are Quiet Winners

CTV News – Interview: Loud Society Fails to Capitalize on Introverts

MSNBC – Video interview on The Dylan Ratigan Show

WNYC – Audio Interview on The Leonard Lopate Show

Vancouver Sun – Hate Networking?  Introvert Business Leaders as Good or Better than Extroverts

Knoxville News Sentinel – Introverts Living in an Extrovert's World

TheCommentary.ca – Audio Interview / Podcast

The Introvert Entrepreneur – Audio Interview / Podcast

Jezebel.com – How to Set Boundaries with People you Love

Forbes.com – Lessons from Dad and Jeremy Lin

The Atlantic – How TED Makes Ideas Smaller

The Journal Times – In What Light There Is: The Power of QUIET

Cosmic Log on MSNBC.com – Deep Thinkers Take Center Stage

Cool Hunting – Link About It:  This Week's Picks

The Guardian – TED 2012: The Final Countdown

Boing Boing – TED 2012: Susan Cain: The Power of Introverts

Wired News – TED and Meta TED: On Scene Musings from the Wonderdome

The Bellingham Herald – Quiet Power: Introverts Can Capitalize on Their Inner Strengths and Feel Good About It

Popsop.com – Sshh Branding: The Quiet Revolution

TheNextWeb.comWhy the World Needs to Start Embracing Introverts

THANK YOU for your support and interest.

 The QUIET Book Tour Continues...[image error]

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Vikas great video susan.thank you!

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Wiseman http://kambler.ecrater.com/p/14322077...

plz chek it your ebook being sale by illegal seller.

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