After the IASPR conference I hopped on the subway and headed uptown to the Times Square Marriott for the Romance Writers of America conference. My mind was only halfway blown, so I figured why not make a proper job of it with a slew of workshops and appointments with my editor, agent and publicist? Yes, publicist! I'm really excited to work with someone who actually knows how to do this whole marketing thing.

The kick-off event was a literacy signing, five hundred authors signing books donated by their publishers with all proceeds going to literacy charities. My first squee stop was at Louisa Edwards table so I could thank her properly for the exquisite blurb she wrote for Scrumptious. I gave her a cupcake cookie and one of the Scrumptious bookmarks Sourcebooks made for me to give away at the conference. She was lovely and gracious and she said I was her first cover quote. The honor is all mine, believe me!


I asked Megan Mulry to take a pic of me getting into the limo and text it to my kids.

Since Sourcebooks was one of the conference sponsors, they had lunch tables reserved at the front of the room. This was great for two reasons. I had a front row seat for the speeches given by Madeline Hunter and Sherrilyn Kenyon, and I was able to talk with seasoned Sourcebooks author Carolyn Brown as well as compare notes with fellow debut authors Megan Mulry and Tes Hilaire. By the time Sourcebooks took us out to dinner at O'Mai on Thursday night, I had made friends. It's good to be among friends when making a pig out of yourself on Vietnamese food while using chopsticks! I wore a groove in my finger that night because I didn't stop eating for three hours. The food was unbelievable. Fresh spring rolls with rice wine dipping sauce, shrimp spring rolls with peanut sauce, shrimp ravioli, papaya salad, fried spring rolls… and then they brought the entrees. Amazing chicken, a shrimp something with snow peas, red snapper, beef with sweet potatoes. Um, not so sure I remember the entrees correctly because they started pouring champagne the minute we sat down and every time I turned my head, they topped up my glass. Any meal that begins with a blood orange martini, ends with a cupcake from the Magnolia Bakery and has foodie heaven and great conversation in the middle gets a spot on my top ten list forever. Sourcebooks certainly knows how to treat their authors!

I had been looking forward to RWA11 for so long I thought I would be sad when it was over, but I'm not. I'm excited to finish Luscious and send it to my editor. I'm even more excited to begin new projects and focus on the ever-most-important business of getting the next book out there. #1k1hr, anyone?

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